Mid-Atlantic Canaan Valley, WV - 1/11/2019

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    Feb 9, 2016
    Northern Virginia, USA
    This season around DC has almost been the year without a winter so far. And it had been almost a month since I'd skied... so I was really jonesing for some snow.

    Usually I ski Virginia, or Southern PA... but West Virginia has been getting some colder weather, and got 7" of snow of Thursday, so I headed out to Canaan Valley today.

    It was clear and sunny most of the way there, but the last half hour or so looked more like this :

    20190111_083920 ACR Conv.jpg

    It took about 2:45 to get there... about the limits for a day trip for me.

    The lodge is pretty standard... they've done some remodelling over the years, but it's basic. Rentals and lockers downstairs, cafeteria upstairs.
    20190111_090759 ACR Conv.jpg

    In addition to the lodge (backside shown here on the left) there's the newer ski school building, and the bar/restaurant... the modern buildings on the left and right respectively here.
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 006 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    When I arrived, only the beginner lift was running. Apparently they waited to groom until early morning, in order to make more snow, and two groomers broke down, which delayed the opening. Once they opened the main lift about a half hour later (I think about an hour late overall), they really hadn't groomed much, which was nice. There was a few inches over hardpack, and in a few places the combo of natural and blown snow was some ankle deep powder. Not often you get a powder day - even a small one - in the mid-A!!

    Main lift with snow coming down and folks waiting for it to open :
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 007 DC ACR Conv.jpg
    View of the end of the long green run down from the top. They never opened it, and the main lift was marked "No Beginners". It was not an easy day to be a beginner at Canaan Valley, since they also didn't groom one of the main beginner runs on the beginner lift. Though I guess it was great for a beginner powder lesson.
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 008 DC ACR Conv.jpg


    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 012 DC ACR Conv.jpg
    I got on the lift a few mins after it opened. I guess the line of folks that had been waiting all came down around the same time :
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 015 DC ACR Conv.jpg
    The slopes were generally uncrowded despite pretty limited runs open. I usually skied right on to the lift.
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 018 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    The lack of grooming was nice in places... the snow was very light, as it's been in the single digits to teens there.
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 020 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Although this run beat the crap out of my bases. You can't see it, but there are a lot of rocks at the top. Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 034 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Once the snow stopped, the sun struggled to get out.
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 036 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    View from the top in the overcast day... it actually got sunny later.
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 039 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    This is the bar/restaurant... I had the chili and pretzels... it was good.
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 052 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    With guns going most of the day, there were some lower vis areas..
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 055 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    The guns left whales as far as the eye could see... scattered everywhere, but this is along the main run under the lift:
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 062 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    The sun came out!! This is a view across Canaan Valley itself (as opposed to the ski resort).
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 059 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    The requisite PugSki sticker shot!
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 063 DC ACR Conv.jpg
    One more sunny view...
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 072 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    Mid-day grooming! They had the groomers out all afternoon...
    Canaan Valley Skiing 011119 073 DC ACR Conv.jpg

    All in all, I only skied about 12K of vertical. The snow was very soft, and it was a beautiful morning, and a fun afternoon. This weekend they are expecting 8-12" more real snow, and if they get everything prepped the whole mountain may be open.
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    Nov 8, 2018
    Thanks for those pictures - reminds me how beautiful that place can be.
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