Colorado Campervan Road Trip

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    Nov 12, 2015
    Lafayette, CO
    I decided to do a bit of exploring for 5 nights in a rented campervan as a final hurrah to end my summer break. I saw friends, mountain biked including my first bike haul and downhill, listened to live music, tasted wine, met interesting people, saw moose, elk, deer, marmot, beaver, studied, relaxed, experienced breathtaking vistas, and drove 926 miles including 6 different passes. Oh, and placed a Pugski sticker on Monarch Pass. Here are some pics.

    A6D295ED-C1E4-41DF-A957-9684D4469F54.jpeg 0972A92E-E7E3-45BD-8B7A-A5B4A0A0F4F1.jpeg 08225188-F582-40E9-9AAD-76E617D289FA.jpeg 194F9CD3-F28B-4197-A257-04320E72203C.jpeg 4EE8904B-7C82-48A6-A777-C3F7611394D5.jpeg 69F34B04-F33D-4D19-92C0-BC5E11806007.jpeg 5D5220BA-725E-4117-AC30-2452741275FE.jpeg 75EEB9D4-C77A-4ED8-B083-45E77B1536B0.jpeg D31A7E32-A626-44C3-B936-B3A66C6142C6.jpeg A9831D0A-CDC9-4365-B040-714A9B18EFA0.jpeg

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