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Mar 21, 2017
Ontario, Canada
@ski otter 2 Your description of the 190cm Bibbys has me convinced there is a tune “issue” on them as they are less playful than the shorter length but shouldn’t be THAT much different as you’re describing. The symptoms of more effort needed and inability to ski at lower speeds etc mirror my experiences when I first got my Bibby’s with a typical “sharp tip to tail up to the widest point on the taper” tune on them. They were very catchy and didn’t pivot as well as I’d hoped. Actually had a spectacular high speed crash catching an edge the first day on them.

Like every ski, first check for base flatness and stone grind first to flatten if needed. I’m currently 0 for 28 for flat skis from the factory in the last 7 years but hopefully others are luckier. :huh:
After stone grind or if the ski isn’t too bad, an important step is to first check for edge high areas with a mill bastard file held flat on a 45 to prevent flexing. Lightly drag from tip to tail to ensure no areas catch. If so, use the file in that area until it no longer catches while cleaning the file often. VERY COMMON to have edge high spots near the tip/tail. Before learning this step, I was always detuning or increasing base bevels with poor/mixed results.
After removing high points, set your base/side bevel up to the taper point on your MB 108 and to the contact point on the Bibby’s.

Then file on a 45 followed by diamond stones on a 45 from the tip to that above/below the widest part of the taper(or Bibby contact point) so it’s nice and smooth. Since the areas above the taper aren’t in contact with firm snow, it will not effect edge grip but will reduce topsheet chipping when hitting tip together in bumps etc. Mindbenders will appreciate this step!

The Bibby’s will be a totally different ski after following these steps and should be far easier to pivot, way easier in crud, in heavy snow yet still carve or hold an edge when required.

Why I’m so excited about the new Wildcats is that the current 190cm Wildcat has a lower swing weight the the old 184cm Bibby while floating in powder better than the 190cm Bibby. The 2021 version should continue that while improving dampness and crud performance to Bibby(or better) levels.
Reading your recent review post and seeing how much our findings on most skis are similar, I think it might be your dream powder ski too!

But check your tunes on your Bibby’s first as I think you are about to rediscover their greatness! Just have to wait till next season to test them though....boooo!

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