Getting on the lift
Aug 26, 2016
"We've listened to your feedback and are excited to introduce a new and revamped pass lineup. View the new lineup, compare your options, and pick the best season pass for you and your friends & family."

Last year, they had 3 levels of passes, Gold, Silver, and Bronze. I bought a Gold pass for Nat and me back last April for maximum saving. This year, they break each level down into lite versions without Tram access as well.

So after looking at the prices I *thought* Big Sky was pulling a fast one. The early season -lite price is $869 and I thought that is what I paid for my Gold pass back in April. My initial thread was going to be a bit different, but I thought I'd double check and look at my old CC statement and sure enough, I paid ~$2200 last year. Nat and I are not good enough yet to use the runs at the top of the tram, so we never used it last year and won't this year, so Big Sky just saved me almost 500 bucks (for 2 passes) by having a cheaper gold pass for those that don't need Tram access. Sweet!

Have my accommodations and season passes lined up and ready to go!