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Putting on skis
Jan 25, 2020
Just got back from our trip. We wound spending both days at Lake/Grand Geneva. It was so close to our VRBO we could see the lifts running and snow making at night. They had 3 chairs and 2 magic carpets running both days. Right side lift was greens only, middle lift was green/blue and the left one was blacks and 1 blue. Runs were really short compared to the mountains but lift lines were pretty short too. Lifty's were doing a fantastic job. Hats off to those guys.

Sat started at 10am and we skied till abt 6pm. Sun we started at noon and we closed down the night skiing at 10pm. We had a couple of lounge lizards in the group we could call in our lunch orders from the slopes and keep the down time to a min.

Temps the first day started at abt 12 degs and climbed to abt freezing. Winds at 20 mph and a little bit of sleet. Second day was great. Sunny, abt 34 degs and NO wind!!

Daughter got a LOT of experience getting on and off the chairs. Easily over a hounded loads and worse incident was her loosing a ski while loading one time. To her credit, she was able to unload on one ski (with me bracing her). I had lofty expectations but I was completely blown away by how quick she picked it up. Had a hard time time keeping her off the black runs by the end of first day. By the end of the second day she was starting to carve! I think the skiing community has definitely gained another member.

FTP gloves worked great. I'll never own another pair of ski gloves without leashes. What a great idea that was.
New jacket, mentioned prev, worked great too. Everyone said I was really easy to spot. :ogbiggrin::ogbiggrin::ogbiggrin: