A good week at Alta

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    Apr 25, 2017
    Salt Lake City, Utah
    Our trip to PHX for 9 days fell apart with mrsjmills having to stay close to work. I’ll take 6 days at Alta over the sun and baseball anytime in March. The mrs found time to get her turns in as well with her confidence taking her to Supreme and Collins for the first time. Not a bad week.

    5B87EE29-D458-4EB1-AB78-C56C0920A6DC.jpeg 5B894E9F-2D6F-477D-A5C1-D913FD3EE0FB.jpeg B90729DF-27C1-49EF-A498-76E3A5CCC08B.jpeg B857BF28-F052-4BF4-86DC-E96E9A850D8B.jpeg 4CFFF5B1-D54D-489E-AFA5-8BF0E25C93D5.jpeg B962C9E5-F938-4504-B00B-B63A244746F7.jpeg 5AC58DA9-C04D-41CA-BBA3-2D5E615F2907.jpeg B85F6E71-68D1-4F27-A73A-A9B2B3C0EDA3.jpeg 4932D9E6-38AA-4E74-BDFE-8C7BAAE60305.jpeg ED73F304-C5D0-4269-811D-FE5702C01A0A.jpeg
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