2021 Völkl Deacon 76

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Pugski Ski Tester
Mar 5, 2017
Philpug: Are you serious? (No, not you Völkl, you the consumer.) If so, how serious? Just serious? Or serious-as-a-heart-attack* serious? Well, Völkl has a new collection of skis that covers all aspects. I will start with the heart-attack-serious version, the Deacon Pro, because it has Marker's piston plate on it, the same plate Marcel Hirscher used in the World Cup. No, I didn’t get to ski it, but I want to.

We did get to ski on the consumer versions of the Deacon, the 74 and 76. These skis go back to the heritage of the older Racetigers, nice and strong hard-snow skis, much more so than the Codes. They felt a bit sluggish at lower speeds but solid once you got them going. It is nice to see a simple sandwich construction return from Völkl.

Insider tip: Go for the Pro if you want to get the Nth degree out of the Deacon, with the Marker race plate and a base that is race-finished. I did notice a little chatter from the UVO, but that could have been because they were early-production skis.​
*No one actually suffered a heart attack during either the testing of the skis or the writing of this review.

: I couldn't help but think of Steely Dan's "Deacon Blues" when I clicked into the new Völkl. Hmm, jazz and Völkl? Yeah, not so much, but here's where they are similar: smooth, powerful, and exacting. I think there are some differing opinions amongst the testers, but I really like this ski. The 76 has a great on-snow feel. The tip engages so smoothly yet is precise; once engaged, it pulled me through the turn and I could feel the entire length of the ski. The tail is fairly stiff but was workable and when you wanted it to release, it was compliant. The 76 is damp, stable, and glued to the snow. It does like speed but is manageable and responsive enough at slower speeds. This ski has a lot of energy, but it's not exactly a two-year-old golden retriever. It is much more serious in a very good way but still has enough "fun" to it. I could own this ski.

Insider tip: The 175 will be plenty of ski for most. This is a damn fine ski.​
Review updated from 2020
Who is it for?
Those with skills who want a smooth, precise carver. Those who prefer a more calm and predictable ski capable of high speeds.
Who is it not for?
Intermediates should go elsewhere, as should those who are looking for pop and liveliness.
Skier ability
Ski category
Race, Frontside
Ski attributes


Available sizes
171, 176, 181
Rocker profile
Full camber
Construction design
New graphics only
Binding options
System, Plate
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