2021 Kästle ZX108

Pugski Test Team

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Pugski Ski Tester
Mar 5, 2017
Philpug: Could the all-new ZX108 be the deal of the 2021 season? At $749, I believe it is in the conversation. I talked to many ski shop owners and buyers who are actually unhappy with the pricing of the ZX. They all feel the ski should cost more, and I have to agree. The ZX108 might not warrant a comma in the price, but it really should be at least a $995 ski. Well, it's not, so what does that mean? It means that as a consumer, you are getting a 25% discount right out of the box.

The ZX108 is very similar to the old BMX skis but with a more modern shape. I was really hoping to spend more time on these back in the spring, but with the season being cut short, I was limited. What time I did get on them, I was impressed. This is a bargain-priced Kästle that does indeed ski at about its price point.

Insider tip: This ski was born and bred in Jackson Hole. When someone asks what you paid for your Kästles, just reply, “If I told you, you wouldn’t believe me” and leave it at that.​
Drahtguy Kevin: Wanna dance? This new model is like no other I’ve been on. "Playful" is a word not often used to describe Kästle, but it works here. You still get a stable, smooth ride with a softer tip and flex. It absolutely snakes through moguls, trees, and other tight spots with ease. Tight, medium, and long turns are at the user’s beck and call. Soft crud and powder are favored conditions for the ZX, but not the only snow it excels in. And at well under a grand, this ski won’t break the bank.

Insider tip: This Kästle without a comma in the price is the real deal.​
Who is it for?
Value seekers. Want a One Oh Something that can handle the entire mountain? Look no further.
Who is it not for?
Groomer-only folks will miss the point.
Skier ability
Advanced, Expert
Ski category
All Mountain, Powder
Ski attributes
Off Piste, Trees, Touring/Backcountry


Available sizes
169, 179, 184, 191
Rocker profile
Camber with tip and tail rocker
Construction design
All new
Binding options
right ad