Cage Match Comparison 2021 Armada Declivity 82 vs 2021 Liberty Evolv 84


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Nov 1, 2015
Reno, eNVy
Two skis that are all-new for 2021 are the Armada Declivity 82 and the Liberty Evolv 84. For Armada, the Declivity series is indeed all new and comes in to replace outgoing Invictus line. For Liberty, the new Evolv 84 is an expansion down-width from the Evolv 90 and 100. The feel of these two skis is distinct, and this what you should expect in choosing which one might be for you.

Armada has realized for a long time that its demographic is getting older — note, I did not say maturing. Yes, many of the skiers that flocked to Armada when it launched a generation ago now have groms of their own but still aren’t ready to migrate to the skis their parents skied. They still want to have fun. The Declivity 82 is a fun and playful ski that still has the backbone to handle all but the hardest snow. At 82 underfoot and with a mid-teens turn radius, it will allow a new generation of skiers to appreciate that hip-on-the-snow sensation.

Liberty is taking a tried and true ski building philosophy: take an award-winning design and expand it to a narrower model. The Evolv series was new last year and immediately drew accolades so why not expand it to include a narrower model? The all-new Evolv 84 is just what you would expect from a narrow ski. It doesn’t have the dramatic shape of the V82 and, as such, is more relaxed but still has the tenacious grip that you would expect from a ski that incorporates Liberty’s Vertical Metal Technology.
  • Why choose the Declivity 82? You want a ski with light and lively playfulness that just wants to lay it over and make railroad tracks with little effort, almost automatically. Also, the Declivity 82 is available with a system binding.
  • Why choose the Evolv 84? You want a bit more power. You like to charge and want a solid, damp ski that will hold no matter the conditions.


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Mar 13, 2016
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”Declivity” is a strange choice for a model name. I had to look it up; it means “downward slope.” Which I guess is appropriate, but it’s.....not very inspiring. “Invictus” (unconquerable) was inspiring. That said, the Declivity seems more like my kind of ski than the Evolv 84 and maybe people will start thinking Declivity is another word for fun.

What is the “articulated titanal banding” In the Armada? Is it similar to the VMT technology in the Liberty?


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