2020 DPS Alchemist 79 "The Trainer"

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Mar 5, 2017
Philpug: This is a ski that I did not expect from DPS; in fact, just looking at it, neither would you. Not so much that the 79mm width isn't what you would expect, but the way the ski reacts on hard snow is what really surprised me, the Trainer is a scalpel of a hard-snow ski.

Tricia: If I were to make a Top 5 list of skis that blew me away this past season, this would be No. 1. Coming from a company like DPS, which has built its reputation on top-quality powder skis, I didn’t know what to expect when they told me to try what they referred to as The Trainer -- but I didn’t expect what I got, which was a playful, snappy ski that turned on a dime and flew through the moguls. The only conditions in which I didn’t feel like it excelled were heavy Sierra snow; that’s when the Cassiar 79 got pushed around.

This is the ski that will make you rethink DPS as just a powder and off-piste ski company and know them as a ski company that knows how to make quality skis for the entire mountain. I skied this ski in two lengths; I tend to prefer the 167 length, but the 160 was just as fun.

I liken this ski to the sexy librarian: she looks very serious, but is ready take off the glasses and show her naughty side.

Insider tip: Don’t overthink the sizing, choose your normal sizing,​
Who is it for?
The nonconformist; any skier looking for a playful ski that seriously carves.
Who is it not for?
While this is called The Trainer, some might still want something traditional.
Skier ability
Ski category
Ski attributes
Groomers, Moguls
Men, Women


Available sizes
160, 167, 174
Rocker profile
Full camber
Construction design
Binding options

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