2018 Holiday Stocking Busters

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    Holiday Stocking Busters

    Ski Essentials.jpg
    The Scott Fix is packed full of features and technology. It has a relatively low profile fit, but a huge field of vision. The double spherical lenses are available in a number of tint options for different light conditions. Its medium/large frame fits a variety of faces. We have it available at a fraction of the original price. Shop here.

    The all-new V82 is a versatile front-side performer with the heart of a race ski. Powerful and precise, the V82 has incredible edge grip and dampening without the weight of a typical metal ski. The full-length vertical metal struts of the VMT core combined with bamboo keep things quiet at speed, while the spring steel mounting plates and carbon have massive power reserve. Shop here.

    Often the most practical gear is also the simplest. Made from recycled plastic bottles, the Gogglesoc is designed to stretch over almost any size of goggle, protecting the lens from scratches when your goggles are not in use. They come in a variety of trendy prints, too. Use the code PUGSKI15 for a 15% discount online. Shop here.

    The Boot Trekker is a 70L backpack for your ski boots and more. Kulkea's packing system offers side boot pockets and special compartments for helmet, gloves, and goggles. The pack also boasts padded and adjustable shoulder, sternum, waist, and lifter straps. Shop here.

    Renoun 2.jpg
    Completely redesigned for 2019, the Endurance 98 was the first ski designed by Renoun and winner of the acclaimed ISPO Gold Award. Incredibly nimble and surprisingly light, the Endurance is a versatile tool designed to be taken anywhere on the mountain. Take $100 off for the holidays, while supplies last. Shop here.

    When none of the other options are enough to stuff your stockings, you can always give your favorite skier some official Pugski swag. We will throw something extra into every order, just to thank you. Donate here.
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    hey folks, the goggle socks are game changers, so nice to cover up your lens on a break or when your storing/transporting your goggles. Also really handy to use them for lens cleaning. Plus they are cool.
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