yakima rocket box

  1. newfydog

    Who makes a good cargo box?

    I can tell you Yakima does not. I bought their "Carbonite " box for the Atlas, fortunately I got it at REI. The first one showed up cracked right out of the box. I got that replaced, and was pleased how light it was, but it did seem pretty flimsy. This week we had a windy day. Driving in...
  2. Mendieta

    Roof ski boxes, wind drag and mileage

    Pretty much when I started skiing 3 years ago, I got a ski roof-box for the car (aka Pugmobile). It made sense at the time because we would normally fit four people in the car, plus the skis, baggage, etc. However, for the last couple years, it went unused because it's mostly two of us heading...
  3. Blue Streak

    Rocket Box Reviews

    I finally broke down and traded in the Silverado for an Outback, so I am in the market for a rocket box. Is there really any difference in quality between the Thule and Yakima boxes? Reviews? Experiences? Random thoughts?
  4. SnowCountry

    How do you haul skis & kids to the mountain?

    I'm downgrading from a 2004 Ford Explorer to a 2016 Subaru Outback. The downside is much less space to store ski gear. Upside is newer car with safety features. At the same time, I'm upgrading from 1 kid to 2 kids since the last serious ski season. :) So, I am trying to figure out how to haul...