wolf creek

  1. Mike King

    Colorado Wolf Creek Wants to Reopen

    The Counties say yes, but will the Governor allow it? Developing story...
  2. Andy Mink

    19-20 Season-How many days so far?

    Lifts are spinning and Ullr has been good so far. Here we go again!:yahoo::daffy::crash:
  3. Core2

    Arizona/New Mexico 19-20 Four Corners Weather, Conditions & Stoke

    less than two months out from skiing, let the countdown begin!
  4. B

    Colorado Colorado Trip Advice

    Planning on driving out to Keystone/Breck for a few days mid January (been there and Summit County resorts numerous times). Then I want to hit up for a day or two each at some places I've never been. Looking at Wolf Creek, Purgatory, Telluride, and Crested Butte. At least 3 out of the 4...
  5. FairToMiddlin

    Colorado Wolf Creek, 11/30-12/1/15: Pow.

    So, a mutual friend of ours, who isn't very cool (he can't figure out how to sign up for Pugski), but still cool enough to consult weather data on the internet, takes a look at what is heading to Wolf Creek. This past Saturday, 11/28, he sees the tea leaves and calls me. I call @SkiNurse...