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  1. Nathanvg

    Busiest Ski Areas in North America

    Per the Vanat report linked below, the busiest ski areas (in terms of skier-days per year) are: WB (2.2 million skier-days) Breck (1.8) Vail (1.7) PC (1.3) Mammoth (1.2) Keystone (1.2) Copper (1.1) It's often hard to come by accurate numbers for skier-days since ski areas treat these as trade...
  2. Tricia

    Vail Resorts Open Note to Passholders

    Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen the world take numerous measures in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. For Vail Resorts, that has meant closing all 34 of our North American resorts. That difficult decision was necessary in order to prioritize the health and wellbeing of our...
  3. Kneale Brownson

    Vail Closure

    FRISCO — Vail Resorts Chief Executive Officer Rob Katz announced in a statement Saturday afternoon that the corporation will suspend the operations of all of its North American mountain resorts and retail stores beginning Sunday, March 15, through Sunday, March 22 due to concerns surrounding the...
  4. Slide of Hans

    Epic Pass 20/21

    Prices out today! Local $729, full pass $979 https://www.epicpass.com/passes/epic-pass.aspx
  5. Lofcaudio

    2020 SKI Magazine's Top 50 Resorts in NA

    I just got my SKI magazine in the mail yesterday where they rank the overall Top 30 resorts in the West and Top 20 in the East, with some random subcategory rankings sprinkled in for good measure. As always, there are some head-scratchers. Overall Top 10 in West: 1) Aspen/Snowmass 2) Sun...
  6. Roger

    Narrowed it down to 2 Jackson Hole or Whistler

    Ok so Jackson Hole or Whistler....so my family (Mother, sister and my brother) have never been to any resorts and want to go out West this season with me for the first time. My mother (73yrs young) she isn't able to ski at all and my brother and sister want to learn. Whistler would be at the...
  7. Jilly

    Whistler-Blackcomb helping Ski instructors

    This came today from the CSIA: Montreal (April 17, 2019) —Whistler Blackcomb (Canada’s largest Snow School) has just announced the following: Effective immediately, the tuition for all core CSIA Courses will be covered by the company, upon successful completion. Investing in the ongoing...
  8. MarkG

    Momentum Ski Clinic

    So this last week I went up to Blackcomb to partake in 2 days of bumps in the zipper line. What a blast, and what a rude awakening. I realized the night before Day 1 that there was a chance I'd get dumped from class. On signing up, I failed to make the connection that a level 5/6 in Canadian...
  9. Wasatchman

    Colorado Vail earnings outlook this season below initial expectations

    Vail just announced that due to soft pre-holiday activity, the company now sees full year earnings to be below previous expectations (see link below). https://www.marketwatch.com/story/vail-resortss-stock-tumbles-after-much-lower-than-expected-pre-holiday-resort-visits-2019-01-11 The...
  10. O

    Most expensive resorts in North America

    I always thought Jackson or Whistler were the most expensive until i started looking into Aspen/Snowmass. Lodging is around 300 a night.
  11. O

    School me on Whistler weather

    Im looking at the forecast for Whistler and for certain days, it is forecasting 15 inches at the peak, 6 inches at mid-station and zero rain or snow fall at the base. Temperature at base is at 40 to 45F. Why is that?
  12. mcpowell

    Pacific NW/AK/BC When do you start fretting about Whistler?

    I know, it’s really early and I shouldn’t obsess. My daughter and I have a 10 day trip planned for Whistler Blackcomb at the end of February. I realize that’s a long way off, and I picked that time of the year hoping to increase the odds of having good snow. This will be her first trip there as...
  13. N

    Pacific NW/AK/BC 2018-2019

    Time to start thinking about it official opening day for Whistler and Blackcomb is Nov 22 this year Whistler instead of Blackcomb runs to end of May. new this year Blackcomb - new 10 passenger gondola base to adjacent Peak to Peak mid station of same is fairly close to the old...
  14. mcpowell

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Whistler-Blackcomb areas to avoid on snowboards

    My daughter and I are planning a trip in 2019. I’ve been to Whistler a couple of times, but I’m a skier and haven’t really paid attention to where snowboarders are having trouble moving along. I’m trying to think of places to avoid where she could end up having to skate along on her snowboard...
  15. Tricia

    Press Release: Dave Brownlie Appointed as President of Revelstoke Mountain Resort

    Dave Brownlie Appointed as President of Revelstoke Mountain Resort Press release date: September 5, 2018 Dave brings 29 years of experience in the ski industry with Whistler Blackcomb and Intrawest. He began his career with Blackcomb Mountain in 1989, rising through the ranks to President and...
  16. quant

    Interesting Bloomberg article about Whistler and Vail Resorts

  17. Roger

    Is it too early to be thinking of next season?

    I live in Florida...need I say more ;) but man oh man I know its only April 9th but I just know in a few months it will be August and I will be setting my plans for next winter. I didn't get to go this winter so I'm dying here (but I heard this season wasn't the best). I can't wait for next year...
  18. Turoa Kiwi

    Where to go and ski for a Northern winter season ?

    I've always wanted to ski for the best part of a northern winter season Skiing as many days in a season as possible, within reason, is something I aspire to do. I'm 57 , recently retired and need to get on to it sooner rather than later I could do it at my local mountain in New Zealand but it...
  19. mcpowell

    Utah Park City or Whistler?

    i have a conundrum... A buddy of mine is likely going to Park City, for a week, on business at the end of February. He has graciously offered for me to tag along if I like. My expenses would only be my airfare and some food. His business would pick up the car rental, hotel, etc. so obviously...
  20. Jim Kenney

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Vail Galaxy of Resorts: Part 1 of 3

    I’ve had the opportunity to visit a bunch of Vail Resorts in North America over the last four years and explore the full gamut of great experiences they offer. However, I’m going to set the tone of this discussion by using the words "Vail" and "frugal" in the same sentence. The Vail galaxy of...