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  1. Four-Year Product Cycles aka When the Honeymoon Is Over

    Four-Year Product Cycles aka When the Honeymoon Is Over

    In today’s ever-evolving ski design, how does a brand keep the fickle customer happy? Skiers like shiny objects. We are always looking for the latest and greatest. A ski that was all that and a bag of chips two years ago hardly gets a mention today. Is it any less of a ski now than when it was...
  2. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison Time Machine Cage Match: The Völkl Mantra

    Which one? That is the question I have to ask whenever someone inquires about a Mantra, the new M5 in particular. "I owned" "My buddy owned" "I read about" ... the Mantra. I always have to answer, "Which one?" The reply is usually, “What do you mean, 'Which one?'" There have been several...
  3. Philpug

    Evolution and Revolution of Ski Design

    Evolution is safe, revolution is risk. Product managers are in a constant fight for balance and must determine when evolution is not enough and revolution is needed. But evolution can actually be riskier than revolution: brands can be so content with the sales and acceptance of a particular...
  4. kayco53

    New skis for spring skiing and icy conditions

    Looking for some skis for spring and icy conditions. Like my cham97's for all round conditions and powder but they leave a lot to e desired when its icy. Need a good groomer ski that likes some ice. Mornings like this weekend we started at at -15c and were right around freezing by lunch. Had a...
  5. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2017 Völkl Mantra vs 2017 Völkl 90Eight

    Gotta love a good sibling rivalry. When the firstborn golden boy aka the Mantra is being contested by his fitter, sprightlier, and quicker little bro, he can't rest on his laurels. The Mantra will go down in skiing lore as one of the most recognizable names ever. For years it was the ski...
  6. Philpug

    2017 Volkl Site is Up!

    Volkl's 2017 line of skis is up! Check out our Previews, Thumbnails, and Long-Term Tests!
  7. Philpug

    Comparison Review Thumbnail Reviews: 2017 All-Mountain 90-100mm Skis

    Most manufacturers have increased their attention on other segments, but the 90-100mm class is still a bread-and-butter category. It is business as usual here, with the cream still rising to the top: Tecnica Group cousins Bonafide and Enforcer are the benchmark skis that others are trying to...
  8. Philpug

    Do you own two similar skis that are completely different?

    We define categorize skis by the numbers but while the numbers are a reference they can no way define the ski. We can have two skis that have very similar dimensions yet are so completely different that they can actually coexist in the same quiver. Example: A Blizzard Latigo and Head Rally are...