1. smoothrides

    Smooth Rides Celebrating 10 Years in Tuning

    Ten years ago this month we bought an old bread truck and our first stone grinder, and just like that Smooth Rides was officially tuning skis door-to-door. This picture was right after we had the logos installed and we were ready for business. Things have changed like crazy over the years with...
  2. Michael Kane

    7 Stages of Blank

    Watched this on YouTube last night. Holy freholes it was fantastic. One of the best films I have seen in a while. The first segment at Baker was just outstanding.
  3. E

    Favorite Shop in North Lake Tahoe?

    Hi everyone, I didn't find a thread for this, so I'm asking --- what are people's favorite North Tahoe shop recommendations for ski tunes, repairs, grinds, etc?
  4. R

    What to look for in a Tahoe ski?

    About me: Facts: 25, 6'0", 165 lbs Experience: I've been a lifelong casual skier, but I'm just starting to take it more seriously. Comfortable on blues, having fun on some blacks, still scared on double blacks. Area: I mainly ski in Tahoe's I-80 corridor, so Sugarbowl and Squaw. I'm based in...
  5. Philpug

    Spur of the Moment Field Trip

    With a crispness in the air and some manmade snow on the trails of Mt Rose in the distance, @Andy Mink and I took a field trip to visit the Moment ski showroom and factory in Reno. Moment is located in the industrial area of Sparks just east of Reno in an unassuming warehouse-like building. If...
  6. luliski

    Trans-Tahoe Relay

    https://watershed.ucdavis.edu/news/2018/07/18/women-swimming-science-uc-davis-students-and-professors-participate-trans-tahoe-swim This is happening today. A bunch of swimmers I know are participating. I've never done it (I don't like cold water that much), but it's looking really fun right now.
  7. Tricia

    Doug Pierini - New GM at Kirkwood

    Doug Pierini has a long resume of accomplishments in the ski industry, including a recent stint as vice president of skier services at Breckenridge, which has brought him to the place where he is currently taking a lead roll at Kirkwood. Pierini's accomplishments include PSIA National Team...
  8. Philpug

    Wow...This day, six years ago, Ziggy and I were Tahoe bound.

    In the memories on Facebook this came up: It was this day 6 years ago that I headed to Tahoe. @Tricia found the thread on Epic with the history, Philpug is Tahoe Bound. Reading through the thread, so many of the names are familiar...and most have migrated with us over to Pugski. @Chris Geib...
  9. Tricia

    Update: Sugar Bowl Skier Search-Body Found

    An instructor from Sugar Bowl went missing last Thursday. Weather has been crazy here and the search has been called off. This article on Moonshine Ink has some great information about why the snow is so dangerous in the Sierra this year, including Hoar Frost and other factors.
  10. Philpug

    Headed to Utah....

    @Tricia , @Spooky Marcus and I are headed to Utah to do some reconnaissance work for the site. We will be visiting some manufacturers, meeting with some people and maybe even making some turns. Stay tuned for the outcome when we launch next month. @Lorenzzo is nice enough to offer his place as...