steep skiing

  1. Beartown

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Dan Egan Steeps Camp at Big Sky, 3/5-7

    This is a camp I've wanted to do for a while, and finally had the time and fitness to give it a go. It is run by Dan Egan, a skiing icon and hero of numerous Warren Miller films. It is run through the Big Sky ski school. While Dan frequently points out that he is certified in "absolutely...
  2. Tricia

    Most intense ski slopes in the US

    From Business Insider Most intense ski slopes in the US Not surprised Corbets is on there. Its interesting to the places from the East Coast listed. Corbet's Couloir – Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Teton Village, WY The Fingers – Squaw Valley, Olympic Valley, CA Paradise – Mad River Glen...
  3. Dan Egan

    Lower the edge angles in the steeps

    Most skiers think that they can slow down by edging more on the steeps, but the opposite is true. A high edge angle at the end of a turn will scoot the ski forward and often cause the skier to become out of balance. Combine this with some tension or stress and a tense downhill leg situation...
  4. MattSmith

    Northern Rockies/Alberta The Next Generation of Egans Is Ready for Launch

    Forty inches of snow fell over the week in Big Sky Montana. Visibility is marginal and I’m looking into the abyss over Lone Peak’s Big Coulior. I’m with a group of skiers from Dan Egan’s Steep Camp, ready to test our skills on one of the gnarliest lift-serviced runs Big Sky has to offer...
  5. James

    10 Years After the Film Ten, Twenty

    The cinematographer/filmaker Guido Perrini has released his look back over the last ten years in a new film called Twenty. Ten years ago on epic Tyrone Shoelaces posted a film. It was freely available on Vimeo, about 45 minutes long, called Ten. A collection of shots and interviews from...
  6. geepers

    Short turns drills and tips

    What are your favourite / most effective drills and tips for steered short turns on black runs (single diamond, not ultra-steep)? Hopefully something other than 200 spiess turns per day...
  7. Wasatchman

    Turn initiation on steeps

    My understanding is that even on steeps, you can initiate a turn by simply tipping your skis. However, in the steeps and especially in chopped up snow, I tend to push off a bit on my outside ski to initiate the turn. If I simply try to tip my skis like I would on less steep terrain, I find my...
  8. P

    Turn in steeps

    Short of jump turns what major cues or tips help you make fast turns in steeps ? I tend to pick up too much speed and then go across for too long.
  9. Mike Rogers

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Cheap, Deep, and Steep Resorts in Northwest USA

    So, I am thinking about a road-trip through Montana, Idaho, and Washington State.....but not necessarily limited to those states. Looking for Cheap, Deep, and Steep, so I will probably avoid the bigger resorts. Alpental, Baker, and Bridger look interesting. So does Apex in BC. What else...
  10. Tricia

    Press Release: The Art of Fear Ski Camp

    The Art of Fear Ski Camp Kristen Ulmer U.S. Ski and Snowboard Hall of Fame Class of 2018 Inductee The Art of Fear Ski Camp at Alta, Utah on March 9-10, 2019 will address: -performance anxiety that messes with your head (we all saw Mikaela Shiffrin throwing up before her Olympic Run) -fear...
  11. Skisailor

    Stoke for The Big Couloir

    Here are a few pics to get those who would tackle The Big stoked for this season's upcoming Gathering: First you need to check in here: Enjoy the views while you wait for the slot that Patrol assigns you. It's time! Head through the Gate and stay to the right! Get ready to drop in...
  12. hollyberry

    Hello! NY skier moving to OH for school

    Hey everyone! I immigrated here from epic ski. A little about me: I’m 29, from NYC, started skiing four years ago. The first three seasons started with a bang- I went from skiing East Coast greens my first day to West Coast steeps, moguls and glades my third year and managed to ski 20-30 days...
  13. R

    Beautiful skiing near chamonix
  14. WC68

    Why do you like/seek steep skiing?

    One thing I’ve not gotten comfortable with is steep skiing. What is it that draws you to it? Most YouTube videos I find of people skiing steep double black runs, look like survival runs, just to say they’ve done it. I’ve not found very many videos of people skiing steeps in an adequate manner...
  15. James


    Here's an amazing video that starts out with a drone shot above the Aiguille du Midi. Then they ski the glacier in the Vallée Blanche. A solid intermediate with pow ability is what's needed. (There are more difficult sections one can ski.) Plus...willingness to walk that ridge. You're roped...
  16. UGASkiDawg

    Biking and skiing Corbet's!

    Awesome sauce here! Edit: Fix broken link
  17. Tricia

    Video stoke - K2 Skis: Friends on a pow day

    Gotta love K2 Skis Stoke: Friends on a pow day
  18. SBrown

    Slightly puzzling article about ABasin's backcountry terrain Soooooo, I'm just going to leave this here, while I go bang my head on the wall. (With the caveat that sometimes things are changed or otherwise screwed up during the editing process, but really she should be...
  19. jmeb

    Technical off-piste ski videos: Post your favorites

    I love the technical skiing videos posted frequently here -- but they mostly consist of beautiful skiers on groomed terrain making perfect turns. Rarely am I on groomed terrain if other terrain is available: chutes, bowls, trees, etc. So post up your favorite videos of technically rad skiers...
  20. AmyPJ

    Dealing With (Paralyzing) Fear

    I'm trying to get my head in the right place and start visualization and other such things to prepare myself for a less fearful ski season. Last year was by FAR my worst year on skis in terms of panic attacks. Mostly on steeps. (Actually, only on steeps, no matter how deep and fluffy the snow...