spring skiing

  1. 4ster

    2019 Spring edit...

    A season to remember...
  2. davjr96

    Any good rub on warm weather wax?

    I'm going to be doing a multi-day spring skiing trip in a week or so including Squaw and Mammoth. I'll definitely be doing a full hot wax with warm weather wax before I go but I was wondering if there was anything I could do while on the road to make it last a little longer. Anyone have any rub...
  3. W

    Colorado A-Basin Questions

    Hi all, Long time lurker...finally getting on board. I have a conference in Denver next week, so naturally I decided to head out early to get some spring skiing in this weekend (I know...I'm a week late for the Pugski extravaganza.....). I've done plenty of skiing out west but I have never...
  4. Doug Briggs

    A Tuckerman Ravine Story

    Earlier this week a skier fell into crevasse in Tuckerman Ravine. Here is his story: What It’s Like to Fall 60 Feet Into a Crevasse and Claw Your Way Out
  5. Tricia

    May at A-Basin Beach Spot

    We, and by that I mean @SBrown has, commandeered a beach spot for Sunday, May 5th in conjunction with the 13th Annual May at A-Basin. We will be taking donations to cover the cost as the price seems to rise a little every year. Beach Spot 10; anyone who is attending, please consider donating...
  6. LiquidFeet

    Avalanche death on Mt. Washington NH

    Yesterday a man died in an avalanche in Ramond Cataract near Tuckerman Ravine. Raymond Cataract is located northeast of Tuckerman Ravine and is between it and Huntington Ravine. Longtime Mount Washington Valley climbing guide Rick Wilcox: "Raymond Cataract is a very narrow ravine, he said...
  7. Jim Kenney

    Colorado Closing Week at Telluride and Crested Butte, April 2019

    Closing Week at Telluride and Crested Butte, April 2019 by Jim Kenney Introduction: l'm a long-time denizen of the Mid-Atlantic, but I've spent the second half of the winter of 2019 living and skiing in the Rockies. This winter has been very snowy almost everywhere in US ski country and I've...
  8. Seldomski

    Best Spring Skiing Ski Pants?

    I'm looking for the best ski pants with these qualities: 1) Light colored. Either white or pastel to reflect sunlight. 2) Breathable and zero insulation. I don't care about waterproof, I need something that lets heat/sweat out and dries very fast. Even better if it's wicking fabric. 3)...
  9. Tricia

    13th Annual May at A-Basin

    In the past we've celebrated Mother's day at A-Basin, which started 13 years ago. Wow, has it really been that many years? Last year we realized how difficult it is to rely on good snow and good attendance when Mother's Day was later in the month With Mother's day on May 12th we have switched it...
  10. wgo

    Colorado Winter Park first week in April

    Hi All, Getting ready for my first trip out West in 13 years. We (me, wife, 2 kids) will be at Winter Park the first week in April. Prior to having kids I skied out west a fair amount, and I was lucky enough to spend several years skiing in France (Les Grands Montets FTW) during grad school...
  11. Tricia

    Mammoth To Stay Open Through June 17

    Mammoth announced a new closing date for the 17-18 season, saying that it will stay open until June 17, and maybe later. @SBrown, you could get your June turns in at Mammoth :D From their Twitter feed: This just in! Mammoth will be open daily for skiing and riding until at LEAST June 17...
  12. James

    Colorado 12th Annual Mother's Day Trip

    It's that time again. Coming into Denver at sunset Friday. Today Abasin was completely packed. Instead of being the third to last car allowed in the Last Chance lot we did a u turn and went to Loveland. Loveland was mildly packed. Parked in the Valley lot. Oh Loveland there you are ^. To the...
  13. Tricia

    Squaw announces spring 2018 activities and events

    Squaw Valley | Alpine Meadows is the Official Spring Skiing Capital™ with Special Events, 8am Lift Access, Themed Weekends and More • Squaw Valley offers Tahoe’s longest season, continuing operations through Memorial Day on May 28, weather and conditions permitting • To take full advantage of...
  14. dbostedo

    Colorado A little late season Colorado fun...

    I happened to be in Colorado for work last week, and was lucky enough to have Friday and Saturday to ski. The season has been over around here (Virginia) for about a month, so it had been a while since I'd been on skis, and it was great to extend the season. This time of year I had my pick of...
  15. T-Square

    Pond Skimming 2018

    Its that time of year POND SKIMMING Seson. Feel free to post your own pond skimming videos of the year here.
  16. Tricia

    How Is Your Corn?

    It's been pretty cold at night with some warm days here in Tahoe, which is promising some nice corn. How is your corn harvest?
  17. KevinF

    Tuckerman Ravine Gathering 2018

    @MattSmith posted here some info here about Tuckerman Ravine. Question: who would be interested in a Tuckerman Day? Open to all... Hiking up to the base of the ravine ("lunch rocks") and soaking in the spectacle can be a very fun day if you don't feel like lugging ski gear all the way in...
  18. O

    California/Nevada Squaw condition in April

    Im thinking about going to Squaw after April 9th with the IKON pass. Ill be traveling from NY. Whats the historic temperature in Tahoe during April? and will the Miracle March extend to April?
  19. Tricia

    12th Annual A-Basin for Mother's Day

    Hey Look! Not there. There! We're getting our ducks in a row. We've gotta get back. It's time to get your beach attire ready. Whatever that beach attire may be .... There are cornices to be conquered. Don't flip out. Get prepared! Get your skis waxed ... Start practicing for...
  20. kayco53

    New skis for spring skiing and icy conditions

    Looking for some skis for spring and icy conditions. Like my cham97's for all round conditions and powder but they leave a lot to e desired when its icy. Need a good groomer ski that likes some ice. Mornings like this weekend we started at at -15c and were right around freezing by lunch. Had a...