1. CB-4

    Utah Utah 2020-2021 Season Pass Selection Options

    PugSki Community: My wife and I could use your opinion! Hopefully you can help us decide which season pass option to buy for the upcoming 2020-2021 ski season before the "early bird" pricing expires. We have compiled our thoughts, skier profiles, and a lot of other information into a guide to...
  2. Jim Kenney

    SLC skier meet-up 2020

    Stealing this thread idea from @Ron at Steamboat and plagiarizing him too:thumb: The idea is to offer a thread to facilitate meet-ups for anyone planning on skiing resorts near Salt Lake City this season? I'll be skiing at Snowbird and Park City quite a bit over the next few months and could...
  3. V

    Utah Getting around... Salt Lake City and Snowbird/Alta -- questions

    Hi, I hope I'm posting this in the correct place. I searched the forum and found some good info but still had a couple questions I thought maybe people here could help with. I am planning a solo visit to SLC for 3 days (Sun - Tues, end of Feb) to ski snowbird/alta with my IKON pass. I've...
  4. Brad J

    Is Etiquette gone ??

    I was at Snowbird last week and I was coming off a steep trail on to a cat track and I miss judged the transition and down hill ski released resulting in a fall . as I was getting up one snowboarder clipped the released ski and the second boarded cleared the ski out of his way IMO on purpose...
  5. M

    Utah Cottonwoods vs Park City / Deer Valley competition / rivalry?

    Hello I have been doing a bit of reading about skiing in Utah (I'm from out of state). I seem to notice indirect comments or references about / against the Cottonwoods and Park City / Dear Valley. There seems to be some type of rivalry or stereotype or competition or love / hate feelings...
  6. S

    Lesson advice

    Although not ideal from a lesson perspective my wife and my self will be do a road trip style holiday next month with some friends. We're flying into Salt Lake from Australia and are on the Mountain Collective so we'll be doing a couple of days each at Alta, Snowbird, Jackson and Big Sky before...
  7. M

    Utah Peruvian or Goldminer's daughter?

    Sorry in advance if this specific type inquiry isn't allowed. Headed to a conference beginning of Feb at the Alta Lodge but it's sold out. I need to be walking distance since it's 7am class. Goldminer's daughter or Pervuian? Any other suggestions? There's about $400 difference for the 4 night...
  8. Tricia

    Most intense ski slopes in the US

    From Business Insider Most intense ski slopes in the US Not surprised Corbets is on there. Its interesting to the places from the East Coast listed. Corbet's Couloir – Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, Teton Village, WY The Fingers – Squaw Valley, Olympic Valley, CA Paradise – Mad River Glen...
  9. speedster

    Utah Will SLC resorts be skiable by Thanksgiving? What % of runs will be open?

    Curious what is typical for Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, Solitude, and Deer Valley by November end. Will the resorts be open, will there be good coverage on the groomed runs, and approximately what % of blues will be open in each of the resorts by then? Also, will some of the resorts above be...
  10. Big Mountain Shmig Mountain - YouTube

    Big Mountain Shmig Mountain - YouTube

    This is a short ski film I made shot entirely from a gopro. It is a compilation of different ski days and mini edits I made throughout the season. I'm neither a professional skier nor videographer nor video editor. I am, however proud of this video. Enjoy
  11. Slim

    Utah LCC airbag cartridge refill location?

    Does anyone know of a place in Little Cottonwood Canyon to fill airbag cartridges? We will be landing in SLC around 4:30pm (which will feel like 5:30 to us), so we want to head up to Snowbird straight away to get dinner and get my kids in bed at a decent time, not driving around SLC hanging...
  12. TonyPlush

    Utah First timer at Alta/Snowbird this weekend

    Thanks to the fantastic advice I received in this thread ( ...I’m making my first trip to Alta/Snowbird this weekend! Very excited. I’ll be taking the Alta Shuttle up to Goldminer’s Daughter on Friday night...
  13. RumbaRockette

    I think I have a new favorite skier to watch... Marcus Caston

    No tricks, just perfect technique. ⛷️
  14. Slim

    Avalanche danger inbounds

    Hi, Wondering if there are any (former) patrollers on here who can explain Inbounds Avalanche Danger to me. This past Monday we skied Alta and Snowbird. Avalanche danger was rated “considerable’ for the Upper Cootnwoods backcountry. Most noted danger was windslab. It continued snowing and...
  15. S

    Mountain Collective 2019/2020 Am I reading this correctly? If you go to the second paragraph is talks about the 19/20 Mountain Collective pass. Does this mean it is locked in again? I certainly hope so. I plan on using it in NZ this August and then US in early 2020 if it is...
  16. Slim

    Utah Alta, Snowbird or not?

    Monday Februry 4 I will have 2/3 a day to ski (catching a plane back in the early evening). We have an Ikon pass. We skied several days at Brighton and Solitude last year. My wife and I are staunchly intermediate skiers, with no interest (or ability) for the extreme stuff. Do you think it’s...
  17. G

    Utah Comparison of the Cottonwoods?

    I apologize if I missed this if answered in earlier thread, but I’m wondering if someone could give a Pugski-style breakdown of the 4 cottonwood resorts. I have an IKON pass this year and will be able to ride at least 2/4. I’d like to try my hand at the more moderate off-piste stuff because...
  18. T

    Taos Green vs Alta and Snowbird Blue

    We are self taught skiers and have been skiing for the last few years. Taos is the place we have frequented the most. We live in TX, so logistically Taos works out the best. Although, we could cover most trails in places like Massanutten, in Taos we can only do its green runs comfortably. Their...
  19. TonyPlush

    Utah Questions about 1 night near Salt Lake City

    So, I hit what I consider the best jackpot possible at work. I'll have a work-paid trip to Salt Lake City during winter! Of course, this means a chance to sneak in a day or two on the mountain. Basically, I plan to stay in a hotel Friday night, ski bell-to-bell on Saturday, and then catch an...