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  1. Kneale Brownson

    Sun Valley, Snowbasin going Epic

    They're being added to the pass for next season, not being purchased. From Vail's Press Release: 06 February 2019 Sun Valley Resort and Snowbasin Resort join the Epic Pass, Epic Local, Epic 7-Day and Epic 4-Day passes beginning with the 2019-20 winter season in a multi-year alliance. Epic...
  2. TonyPlush

    Utah Questions about 1 night near Salt Lake City

    So, I hit what I consider the best jackpot possible at work. I'll have a work-paid trip to Salt Lake City during winter! Of course, this means a chance to sneak in a day or two on the mountain. Basically, I plan to stay in a hotel Friday night, ski bell-to-bell on Saturday, and then catch an...
  3. Jim Kenney

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Northern Rockies Road Trip: Part 1, Utah and Jackson

    This is a recap of a successful roadtrip I made through the Northern Rockies with my wife and son over the span of about three weeks in March 2018. I used the Mountain Collective Pass (MCP) and covered 2,000 mi while resort-hopping from Salt Lake City to Calgary. We skied at eight excellent ski...
  4. P

    Mountain Collective 2018-19 is out

    Looks like the MCP is out for 2018-19. The price is $409 and $1 for kids. The line up is the same as this year with the addition of Big Sky (and loss of Telluride to Vail and Hakuba) You can buy it today at Given only $190 price difference, I think Ikon may be...