smooth rides

  1. smoothrides

    Smooth Rides Celebrating 10 Years in Tuning

    Ten years ago this month we bought an old bread truck and our first stone grinder, and just like that Smooth Rides was officially tuning skis door-to-door. This picture was right after we had the logos installed and we were ready for business. Things have changed like crazy over the years with...
  2. Tricia

    Beautiful grinds

    I know the pattern of a base grind makes a big difference in how the ski performs. While looking for an image of the AM Bell Grind from @smoothrides I stumbled upon some images from their FB page and I needed to share these here. Aren't they beautiful? :drool: Grind of the day: AM Bell. We...
  3. E

    Favorite Shop in North Lake Tahoe?

    Hi everyone, I didn't find a thread for this, so I'm asking --- what are people's favorite North Tahoe shop recommendations for ski tunes, repairs, grinds, etc?