1. M

    Which SL ski: RC4 WC SC Curv Booster or RC4 Worldcup SL Curv Booster

    Hi everyone, i am in need of your help and clarification of the practical differences between the above mentioned Fischer skis, the SL FIS and non-FIS takedown SC version. I am already well aware that FIS ski is full race ski - the real World Cup deal, and SC the takedown version but i would...
  2. HomeLight Killington Cup 2019

    HomeLight Killington Cup 2019

    Editor's Note: the formatting on this article may look a little funky as we work some kinks out of the updated system. All photos by @AaronFM unless otherwise noted. - RR The fourth edition of the Audi FIS Alpine Killington Cup sponsored by HomeLight is ready to roll tomorrow in Vermont...
  3. hardtobeagod

    What binding and plate to mount on Völkl Racetiger SL R FIS 2017 ???

    I’ve acquired an (2016-2017) FIS approved full camber 157mm length 65mm width (116_65.5_100) Völkl Racetiger SL R with UVO, plates and bindings undrilled! The skis have been previously used and pictures are attached, try to guess the price I paid because to remount them I expect to be spending...
  4. fkb

    Prepping to Start Ski Racing Next Season.

    Hello PUGskiers. I'm currently a freshman in High School with approximatelty 4 years under my belt of recreational skiing. I'm a fast learner and next season I'm going to be a ski instructor and am aspiring to join my high school ski team (slalom focus). So with the season wrapped up here in...
  5. Rudi Riet

    Schladming - Men's Night SL

    It's the last race of the "Triple Crown of Slalom." Should be a fun scrum, given Kirstoffersen finally beat Hirscher in a head-to-head. Whee!