skis for sale

  1. TimF

    2017 Stockli Laser Ax 175 cm w/ Tyrolia Attack 13

    12/9/19--I have taken these off the Market and will keep them for now. If you pick these up I will probably regret it in the long run. Fantastic ski and for me lives up to the hype. Great narrow all mountain ski with carving chops. I just don't ski it as much as I should. Mounted for BSL...
  2. Vintageski808

    Sold Twin Tips for sale Volkl Cosmo Diesel Vertical Skis

    Looking to sell these twin tip skis. Each pair may need some tuning. May possibly trade for skis from the 1920s-1960s. Pm in interested. Skis from left to right: Vertical Diesel 188cm ($90 OBO) Volkl Cosmo 169cm ($70 OBO)
  3. Ken_R

    For Sale Black Crows Captis Birdie Women's Skis 157cm

    Hi, for lack of use, actually NEVER used! I am selling my wife's Black Crows Captis Birdie skis. They are 157.3 CM in length. They are a 90mm wide all mountain ski with a Rocker-Camber-Rocker 17m profile. I have heard they are a FUN ski that rips but it is still easy to ski. These skis are...
  4. laine

    Sold DPS Cassiar Alchemist 79 "The Trainer" - 160 with Attack 13

    My Stockli Laser AX has killed my quiver and I'm thinning the herd so I can justify replacing my daily driver next season. Selling two pair of skis that are both amazing, as I just keep grabbing the AX. This is the second listing - DPS Cassiar Alchemist 79 "The Trainer" - 160 with Attack2 13 GW...
  5. givethepigeye

    Sold Kastle FX104 in plastic (184)

    As title indicates, Kastle FX104’s in plastic, lets say NOS. Bought these from Powder7 before I ever stepped on a Stockli. Taking up space now. I really did like these skis a lot. Pretty wide performance envelope. $300 shipped lower 48. If that’s nonsense, let me know or make an offfer -...
  6. F

    For Sale Renoun Z90, Pivot 14, Phantom

    Selling Renoun Z90, 180cm, purchased last year. Gen 1 phantom application over summer, fresh tune this winter and a few days on since then. Look Pivot 14's mounted on the line for BSL 325. Two small shots last season filled in prior too Phantom. $800
  7. B

    Sold FS: 2014 Blizzard Bonafide 187cm Axial2 120 Bindings--SOLD

    I have 16 pairs of skis and have decided to thin the herd a bit. 2014 Blizzard Bonafide 187cm 133-98-118 Rossignol Axial2 120 demo bindings (12 DIN) Drilled once for demo bindings that fit a large range of boot sizes Fresh wax These are in good to very good condition. I purchased them as...
  8. Kite Pilot

    Stockli Laser AX 175cm

    Stockli Laser AX 175cm, excellent condition, 123/78/110, radius 15.8m, 2015/16 model $1149 msrp + $250 bindings + $1399 new, asking $585 plus shipping. Top rated high performance frontside ski. I'm located in the Denver/Grand Lake area.