skis for big guy

  1. A

    Big guy sticks

    Now that some deals are starting to pop up to make way for new skis, I'm looking to move on from my Kastle XX110s that I've ridden the past few years. About me: 33, 6'4", 220+lb. I'm leaner than my weight would suggest and am more athletic than most. I don't know how good my form is but, aside...
  2. David

    105 - 110 cm for a Clydesdale?

    I'm looking for something in a 105 - 110 cm ski for the occasional soft snow in MI but more for the 2 weeks I spend in the Rockies every year. While we all want powder the reality is it will be used in crud 90% of the time. I'm looking for decent float, stable at speed, crud and quick enough if...