ski wax

  1. BClipped

    Skiing off wax rather than scrape and brush?

    Heading out on an 8 day ski trip and probably can’t bring an iron and wax. I guess if bases get dry I’ll need to ask a local shop for a wax job, but I was wondering if I would get any more durability if I just gave the skis a light scrape after my pre-trip waxing, rather than fully scraping and...
  2. Marin

    Fluoro wax

    Hi all, I never use Fluoro wax, so I want to see how to apply properly. I have Swix LF6 , so I wan to see suggestion should I use it direct on skis or should I first apply one coat of regular wax, I have Swix Universal hydrocarbon wax Red color? I like to know what difference makes if just...
  3. Philpug

    Press Release: Announces Toko US as Official Wax and Tuning Supplier and Toko US are proud to announce a partnership for the 2020-21 season. Toko will be the official supplier of ski waxes and tuning supplies for's test fleet of skis. We at Pugski have always said that when testing a ski, the tune is taken into consideration and's...
  4. Susie

    Anyone know if Stuntwax is still around, maybe under a different brand?

    I know, I know, you should always scrape your wax... but I love the convenience and durability of Stuntwax! They were out of CT, and I loved the waxes, especially the fluoro version. About 6 years ago, I bought a full case. Now, I'm out and can't find it. The website is live but...
  5. musicmatters

    Does the effectiveness of wax go away if you don’t use the ski?

    If I get a ski waxed but don’t use it for 2 weeks, does the effectiveness of the wax wear off? If there is degradation, how long does a waxing effectiveness last before you would need to wax again if you didn’t use it?
  6. James

    Fluoro Waxes Banned in the US?

    Went into a shop looking for Swix F4 in a dispenser. I was told they'd sold out and no more was available. Furthermore, no fluoro waxes at all will be available. Was news to me! Thoughts?
  7. A

    Where are Canadians buying their tuning tools

    Hi all Where are Canadians buying their tuning/waxing tools? I've been looking online, and the prices stores charge up here seems to me offensively expensive for what you get. Do these items ever typically come on sale? Matt
  8. David

    Mixing wax brands ?

    When I'm skiing on a weekend or a longer vacation I always take a rub-on or paste wax in case I need it. I use Hertel Hot Sauce as my everyday wax but their website sucks and I couldn't find rub-on or reach them so I ended up with ZumWax's rub-on. Now weeks later Hertel finally answered my...
  9. TheArchitect

    Never tuned a ski and I'm thinking of starting

    As I was dropping off 3 pairs of skis at the local shop for tuning and binding adjustment Saturday I thought to myself "it sure would be nice to be able to sharpen and wax these things myself". Then I remembered reading about good tunes and bad tunes affecting performance and wondered whether I...
  10. J

    Toko wax user- am I missing out not trying swix?

    I started with toko and that's what I've stuck with for general and race waxing. Swix seems to be popular and has some more product/temp ranges though and what most racers use. So am I missing out? For toko race waxing I just use the colored HF iron in then jetstream bloc topcoat corked in. I...
  11. cantunamunch

    Briko Maplus LF liquid universal

    Is this not being made anymore? Shall I hoard what I have left? Checked @SlideWright 's site and T4B, don't see it. I very much do not want to see it gone as it is the only liquid that worked well for east coast super freezes / polar vortices .
  12. epicentre

    Cold weather wax

    What do you like for a cold-weather wax? I use either Swix Universal or the Hot Sauce, but I need a wax for those really cold, low moisture days. I like to keep things simple and cheap, but people keep telling me the only waxes that really work all that well for those conditions are expensive...
  13. M

    universal wax for budget recreational skiers?

    Hi Looking to get some basic wax for my and my kids skis. If I put wax on them now will I need to wax hem again before I go skiing in late December? Saw these on ebay, same seller (wintersportdeals) out of new jersey, anyone familiar with these...
  14. Jacques

    Miscellaneous Tuning videos I have made.

    Here is the playlist link. You can find more by using key words at my channels search bar. Be good all! It's not too soon to start getting ready!
  15. Tony Warren

    Myths about UHMW Base Material and New Base Material Idea

    I have spent a great portion of my career working with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It is a great wear material for sliding abrasion and has many other wonderful properties. UHMW does not have a melt-flow point. It requires a lot of pressure to either extrude it or sinter it...
  16. Dave Petersen

    All Things Misc. (Ski Related)

    All Things Misc. (Ski Related) -- for items not falling under the other categories, ski accessories, etc. SKIING Dec 1972
  17. Philpug

    Welcome SlideWright as an official sponsor!

    Welcome Terry. Please lets support Terry as he supports the community with videos and great "how to's" on tuning.