ski videos

  1. raisingarizona

    Arizona ski edit

  2. RumbaRockette

    I think I have a new favorite skier to watch... Marcus Caston

    No tricks, just perfect technique. ⛷️
  3. Tricia

    DPS the Shadow Campaign // Wallmapu

    Another great video from DPS's Shadow Campaign Volume 4 Wallmapu The Pehuenche people of present-day Chile speak Mapudungun: ‘the language of the land.’ This land, their universe, is known as Wallmapu. Two skiers enter, into a breathtaking creation of ancient Araucaria trees, looming volcanoes...
  4. Tricia

    DPS Shadow Campaign Volume V

    DPS Cinematic Partners with Outdoor Research, New Belgium Brewing and Osprey Packs for Volume V of ‘The Shadow Campaign’ Three short films to be released during fall 2018
  5. Tricia

    2018 Ski Movie Stoke Thread

    Let the 2018 Ski Movie Stoke begin Warren Miller Tour Face of Winter Featuring @Marcus Caston
  6. Tricia

    The family that skis together

    Some of you may have caught the winning entry for the Rossignol Spring Glove contest that we had on Instagram, Alicia Alba from Alba Adventures. Rossignol Spring Glove contest The Alba family was featured in a Mountain Times article. Its worth sharing. Family Celebrates Loss and Joy on ski...
  7. Deadslow

    Lazy skiing

    Hello Pugskiers After being inspired by HeluvaSkiers videos, I tried to emulate his skiing - the power, the technique and precision. Well it didn't work. So I had a terrible lunch and made some runs down a green run. Here they are: Here are the same turns in slow motion: Cheers!
  8. Jacques

    Stay Video Stoked! Jacques 3 Season Edit

    Bring it to Bachelor & I will ski with you too! Thanks to Dominator Waxes that scoot my skis!
  9. Jacques

    Stay Stoked! 30 Seconds with Jacques at Mt Bachelor

    Ski or ride every day until Bachelor's planned closing date of Sunday, May 27.
  10. H

    7toheaven: Tina Maze, Anybody know where to purchase/aquire?

    Apparently released late 2016 but have no idea where to purchase/aquire a copy now. Anybody know? Looks like they created some sort of app in the app store but is the content the same as the original video? Thought somebody here might know what that story is.
  11. Crank

    A Few Skiing Vids From a Few Seasons Back

    This one is from 2013. Skiing with a bunch of Epicskiers, not Pugskiers at Sugarbush, Stowe and Mad River Glen in northern VT. This is with my ski club at Whitefish, MT, 2014. And this shorty is my ski buddies last January in Jackson Hole backcountry. Robin and I in Chamonix 2015.
  12. Dwight

    Snow safety documentary

  13. karlo

    International (Europe/Japan/NZ/Aus) Norway

    So, with his post about offpiste skiing videos in Ski School section, @jmeb has gotten me re-addicted to YouTube ski videos. I came across these OMG, I have to go!
  14. jmeb

    Technical off-piste ski videos: Post your favorites

    I love the technical skiing videos posted frequently here -- but they mostly consist of beautiful skiers on groomed terrain making perfect turns. Rarely am I on groomed terrain if other terrain is available: chutes, bowls, trees, etc. So post up your favorite videos of technically rad skiers...
  15. 4ster

    Trip Reports Backcountry photos, videos, patch skiing and other stoke!

    Highlights from this season. [to come]
  16. Dave Petersen

    All Things Misc. (Ski Related)

    All Things Misc. (Ski Related) -- for items not falling under the other categories, ski accessories, etc. SKIING Dec 1972
  17. RNZ

    Streif - one hell of a ride & Telegraph top ski movies

    Streif - One Hell of a Ride, the documentary of the the 2014 Hahnenkamm has been released in English Even if you aren't a racer it looks like it is well worth looking out for (it will be out on DVD before it hits itunes in this part of the world, but those...