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  1. M

    Utah Cottonwoods vs Park City / Deer Valley competition / rivalry?

    Hello I have been doing a bit of reading about skiing in Utah (I'm from out of state). I seem to notice indirect comments or references about / against the Cottonwoods and Park City / Dear Valley. There seems to be some type of rivalry or stereotype or competition or love / hate feelings...
  2. M

    Utah Peruvian or Goldminer's daughter?

    Sorry in advance if this specific type inquiry isn't allowed. Headed to a conference beginning of Feb at the Alta Lodge but it's sold out. I need to be walking distance since it's 7am class. Goldminer's daughter or Pervuian? Any other suggestions? There's about $400 difference for the 4 night...
  3. speedster

    Utah Will SLC resorts be skiable by Thanksgiving? What % of runs will be open?

    Curious what is typical for Alta, Snowbird, Brighton, Solitude, and Deer Valley by November end. Will the resorts be open, will there be good coverage on the groomed runs, and approximately what % of blues will be open in each of the resorts by then? Also, will some of the resorts above be...
  4. RollingLeaf

    New Years Day+ @ Steamboat or Alta/Snowbird

    Greetings. I'm looking into a short ski trip beginning on New Years Day and ending on the 5th, a Sunday. I have my eye on either Steamboat or Alta/Snowbird and maybe a day at Deer Valley. I'm looking at these resorts because they have a good snow record this time of the season and I've never...
  5. johnnyvw

    There goes the neighborhood...

    Saw this article in WSJ today. What was my favorite area....not sure of the future of the "atmosphere" there.
  6. Tricia

    Utah New resort in Wasatch could be ready by 2021

    Billion Dollar Ski Resort Underway in Wasatch Saw this news report and am a little surprised that it hasn't been posted here yet. Interesting to see the emphasis on active military Snip from article: The convention center, which will be billed first, will include 100 subsidized rooms with...
  7. musicmatters

    Mahre Ski Camps - Deer Valley

    Had anyone ever done the Mahre Ski Camp at Deer Valley? The pricing seems pretty good compared to what lessons normally cost there. Wondering how good the instruction is and if it would benefit an Advanced-Intermediate
  8. Tricia

    Utah We Really Should Ski Powder Mountain Sometime

    We really should ski Powder Mountain sometime. That’s something Phil and I have said to each other nearly every time we've been in Utah over the past seven or eight years; 2019 was the year we ended up skiing Powder Mountain, and we are kicking ourselves for not doing it sooner. As we drove up...
  9. Olesya C

    Comparison Review Demo day at Alta, April 2019

    I was fortunate to be at Alta during their spring demo day today. The demoing is free, just have to fill out a form with your information and give them a credit card number at the registration tent. About me: 6'1" tall, weight is probably somewhere between 185-190 pounds currently, advanced...
  10. Tricia

    Barbara Alley Fashion Show Featured During Ski History Week

    Phil and I are in the midst of the who's who of skiing history this week, not the least of which is Barbara Alley Simon. Barbara has a significant amount of her original collection in the Alf Engen museum in Park City, which was used as the location for an incredible fashion show featuring key...
  11. Slim

    Utah LCC airbag cartridge refill location?

    Does anyone know of a place in Little Cottonwood Canyon to fill airbag cartridges? We will be landing in SLC around 4:30pm (which will feel like 5:30 to us), so we want to head up to Snowbird straight away to get dinner and get my kids in bed at a decent time, not driving around SLC hanging...
  12. musicmatters

    Deer Valley Instructor Recommendation

    anyone have any recommendations for some of the better Deer Valley instructors? Looking for someone to really focus on technique for an adult skier.
  13. TonyPlush

    Utah First timer at Alta/Snowbird this weekend

    Thanks to the fantastic advice I received in this thread ( ...I’m making my first trip to Alta/Snowbird this weekend! Very excited. I’ll be taking the Alta Shuttle up to Goldminer’s Daughter on Friday night...
  14. clong83

    Deer Valley Hit 'n Run

    This time with Gwyneth Paltrow. There was a recent thread on the hit and run in Breck that generated a lot of interest/debate. I am not taking sides in the current dispute, as there is not nearly enough public information to make an informed opinion, and I have no idea if she is at fault or...
  15. Slim

    Utah Alta, Snowbird or not?

    Monday Februry 4 I will have 2/3 a day to ski (catching a plane back in the early evening). We have an Ikon pass. We skied several days at Brighton and Solitude last year. My wife and I are staunchly intermediate skiers, with no interest (or ability) for the extreme stuff. Do you think it’s...
  16. W

    Utah Utah Saturday and Sunday Ikon destinations?

    We are heading to SLC the first week of March. Of the Ikon destinations, which is generally the least crowded on weekends? Our first day skiing will be a Sunday and last day a Saturday if there is anything left in out legs. Edit: Sorry, forgot to put the prefix in and I don't see an option...
  17. focker

    Utah Utah first timer advice

    Couple of questions I was hoping to get answered. For SLC should Powmow and Snowbasin be planned as essentially their own trip? I see lodging can be found between the two for fairly good pricing on VRBO type sites. That makes doing 2 days at each of these hills very tempting. There seems to...
  18. G

    Utah Comparison of the Cottonwoods?

    I apologize if I missed this if answered in earlier thread, but I’m wondering if someone could give a Pugski-style breakdown of the 4 cottonwood resorts. I have an IKON pass this year and will be able to ride at least 2/4. I’d like to try my hand at the more moderate off-piste stuff because...
  19. TonyPlush

    Utah Questions about 1 night near Salt Lake City

    So, I hit what I consider the best jackpot possible at work. I'll have a work-paid trip to Salt Lake City during winter! Of course, this means a chance to sneak in a day or two on the mountain. Basically, I plan to stay in a hotel Friday night, ski bell-to-bell on Saturday, and then catch an...