ski tuning

  1. weatherman

    low pockets in bases

    My Nordica NRGY 100 skis have a low pocket on the bases of both skis. It is right under the heel binding, and nearly identical on both skis. It looks as if the binding screws have warped the ski core, or something weird like that. Does anyone recognize this problem? I took the skis for a tune at...
  2. L&AirC

    Side Edge Grinder's Performance Vs. Return On Investment

    There aren't enough threads on Side Edge Grinders so I figure I should start another one :) What I'm trying to unsurfaced is which one is "worth it" to me? What's the Return on Investment (ROI)? I've read everything (I think) posted here. Watched many, many, many youtube videos and visited...
  3. Jacques

    The Question was "How much wax to wax a ski"?

    The answer I came up with is contained within. What say you? Chime in with your thoughts and techniques on using expensive waxes.
  4. M

    universal wax for budget recreational skiers?

    Hi Looking to get some basic wax for my and my kids skis. If I put wax on them now will I need to wax hem again before I go skiing in late December? Saw these on ebay, same seller (wintersportdeals) out of new jersey, anyone familiar with these...
  5. Xela

    Razor-Tune Test (With Photos)

    I recently bought a Razor-Tune. It's a power sharpener for ski side edges. I decided to document my first time using it. I tested on an old Blizzard GSR. The photos were taken with a macro lens and cropped/resized so they represent the same exact section of side edge with the same number of...
  6. Jacques

    Miscellaneous Tuning videos I have made.

    Here is the playlist link. You can find more by using key words at my channels search bar. Be good all! It's not too soon to start getting ready!
  7. 1chris5

    Question: Do all new skis need to be sidewall planed?

    I know there are no stupid questons just stupid people but I am not sure about this. I just bought new skis online and I am formulating a plan to get the initial set-up correct. I bought 2016 Dynastar Glory 84 (needs 2 degree side edge) and Head Monster 83 (needs 3 degree). The steps so far...
  8. Chris Walker

    To Rotobrush or not to Rotobrush?

    So for the past 4-5 years I've been getting more and more serious about tuning and waxing. I pretty much never ski without first hot waxing and brushing out my skis. I was considering going the rotobrush route, having found what looks like a decent starter kit for around $200. I was just...
  9. alaskaskierdad

    Razor tune vs. Swix Evo Pro Edger

    I'm a Dad. My kid's race. We have lot's of skis. I have a job. I have a wife. I want to have a life. Please no rants about the superiority of tuning by hand. Don't judge me:) Please discuss the relative merits of either of the below products: vs...
  10. Frankly

    Horror Bases from Park Skiers

    Forgive me, I'm old school and used to tune skis for a living back in olden days. Now I'm watching the kids sliding on rails and beating the begezzzus out of their (ski) bottoms... I just watched a Candide Thovex video of him crushing it through grass and dirt. I can't imagine what the their...
  11. Dwight

    Ski structure

    I'm sure opinions vary, but is there a standard base structure that is recommend for the Upper Midwest if a pair of sks was getting a new grind? The family has several skis and they all have different patterns from the factories. We seem to ski just find. We are not racers. Thanks
  12. Tony Warren

    Myths about UHMW Base Material and New Base Material Idea

    I have spent a great portion of my career working with Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. It is a great wear material for sliding abrasion and has many other wonderful properties. UHMW does not have a melt-flow point. It requires a lot of pressure to either extrude it or sinter it...
  13. Blue Streak

    Beer/Skis Tuned Ratio

    It is axiomtic that one cannot tune skis without beer. My question, and proposed subject of serious discussion, is the appropriate ratio of beers to pairs of skis tuned. I just tuned one pair and waxed, scraped, and brushed two more, yet I only consumed one "Fat Tire" and one "Snow Day." My gut...
  14. Doug Briggs

    Basic ski maintenance: using a diamond stone to remove burrs

    I received a message from a member about how to get started with tuning skis. She is waxing skis but wants to go the next step in making her skis keep their 'from the shop' tune in shape.