ski tuning

  1. L&AirC

    Montana Crystal One Reviews

    I'm curious if anyone has any experience having their skis tuned by a shop using this. A local shop that usually does a pretty good job recently got one and there is a lot of chatter circulating on it but I don't know of anyone that has had their skis tuned and they have skied them since the...
  2. Dwight

    Tuning season begins

    And so it begins.
  3. J

    Toko wax user- am I missing out not trying swix?

    I started with toko and that's what I've stuck with for general and race waxing. Swix seems to be popular and has some more product/temp ranges though and what most racers use. So am I missing out? For toko race waxing I just use the colored HF iron in then jetstream bloc topcoat corked in. I...
  4. cantunamunch

    Briko Maplus LF liquid universal

    Is this not being made anymore? Shall I hoard what I have left? Checked @SlideWright 's site and T4B, don't see it. I very much do not want to see it gone as it is the only liquid that worked well for east coast super freezes / polar vortices .
  5. eok

    Head Supershape tuning questions

    So, I now have 2018 Titans... To assess tuning I retracted the brakes & then put the skis base-to-base. I was surprised how much tip early rise (or rocker) these things have. No rocker in the tails - so it's easy to identify the contact points there. It looks to me like I should consider the...
  6. M

    A poll on end of season tunes.

    Just wondering if you tune your skis before putting them away for the summer.
  7. DavidSkis

    Best edge tuning tool(s) (OR: help fix my tuning process)

    Hi all, I suck at tuning. I used to think I was good, as my tunes came out better than the job from the local shop. But then I got my skis tuned at Sports Alpin at the bottom of Mont-Sainte-Anne; you could shave with these skis. They used the Wintersteiger machine on them at 3 side, 0.75 base...
  8. Kbat117

    Starter tune kit

    So I'm looking to start turning my own skis. I'm not sure how crazy I want to get with it. I have waxed before and cleaned up edges with a gummi stone at my work but want to do more on my own. Suggestions for a kit for a budget minded recreational skier? Would like an iron, scraper, brushes...
  9. L

    Base Burn Near Edges?

    Hello All, I have a question. So yesterday we get back to the house and I am wipe down all the skis as I always do and I notice on my new Atomic XTi's that there seems to be some base burn radiating from the edges (4-6MM's) I did not spend a lot of time looking at it because we had to hit the...
  10. Mendieta

    [recreational tuning] Choosing base and side bevel angles

    Editor's note: we are initially moving a few posts here from another thread, to keep things on topic. Please keep this discussion on-topic and friendly :) Thank you! So, the thought for this would be to get used to the rallies at 1*/2*, and then move to 1*/3*. I would have a shop set the...
  11. L&AirC

    Waxing With Fiberlene

    It would have been a bit of a thread drift so I started another one. From the roto or no roto thread : OK. Gave it a wing. Super easy. So much so I'm sure I'm doing it wrong. I brushed the bases and wiped them down to make sure they're clean(ish). Crayoned on the wax covering the entire...
  12. Tom K.


    My kind of crappy vise just bit the dust. Though far from perfect, it knew my foibles well, and tolerated me quietly for well over a decade. Also, it was a cheap date. So, Essay Test for Pugski Tuning Maestros: Declare your favorite waxing/tuning vise, and describe why in 100 words or less...
  13. focker

    Why does my Nylon brush not seem to do much?

    A little background. I've been tuning skis for 4-5 years and feel I'm fairly decent at it. The one area that frustrates me is post scrap brushing. I use a (Very) sharp scraper and get every bit of wax off I can. When I go to use my nylon brush however it just doesn't feel like it's doing...
  14. BillyGoat

    First time tuner... hooked!

    So, I started my first tune last night and got totally into the zen of it .... wow. It just put my mind at ease in a really cool place. Do others get this "tuner's high?" So, of course, I'm watching tons of YouTube vids, etc, but I still have a lot of questions. I'll start with just a couple...
  15. M

    Has anyone tried Kuu waxes?

    Utah Ski Gear seems to have some pretty economical Kuu waxes - it's apparently a Canadian brand.
  16. 1chris5

    Tip Protectors and Waxing

    Are tip protectors designed to be removed for waxing? My wife has a pair of Dynastar Glory 85 skis with metal tip protectors. Can they/ should they be removed when tuning? My kids have plastic tip protectors and I have wondered for a while if I can remove those also. They get in the way when...
  17. M

    Swix Gummy Gummi Stone Red Hard - Removing Rust

    Hello I got a red (hard) swix gummy stone and it is not very effective at removing rust from the edges. Should I bump up to a blue (extra hard) or move to a diamond stone? If a diamond stone what grit? The universal one?
  18. Mendieta

    Recommended tune for all mountain mid-fat ski, for the West

    Hi all I recently bought carving skis and the recommended tune was 1/2. That was for my intended use (see OP). Anyways, my day driever this year will be the same Dynastar Powertrack 89, 179 cm i used last season. These are in need of a tune, too. Should I also have the edges tuned at 1/2 ...
  19. M

    Basics for edging and waxing?

    Hello I posted a couple of months ago the thread about is it worth it to wax kids skis. So I ordered a big bar of purl (purple all temp wax). Now I need to get an iron and some tools. I am a hands on do it your selfer and will just be edging and waxing my and my kids skis, we are just...
  20. oswaldr2

    Base Scrape/Gouge Question - Craigslist Purchase

    I was on Craigslist tonight and found a pair of Salomon QST 106 w/ Salomon STH WTR 13 bindings mounted exactly to my BSL/Mondo length for $350. So I panicked and bought them within 3 hours of them being Skis are literally like new, the guy probably only skied them 5 times...