ski tuning

  1. smoothrides

    Smooth Rides Celebrating 10 Years in Tuning

    Ten years ago this month we bought an old bread truck and our first stone grinder, and just like that Smooth Rides was officially tuning skis door-to-door. This picture was right after we had the logos installed and we were ready for business. Things have changed like crazy over the years with...
  2. Tricia

    Beautiful grinds

    I know the pattern of a base grind makes a big difference in how the ski performs. While looking for an image of the AM Bell Grind from @smoothrides I stumbled upon some images from their FB page and I needed to share these here. Aren't they beautiful? :drool: Grind of the day: AM Bell. We...
  3. M

    basic tuning techniques using some basic affordable hand tools ?

    Hi Two seasons ago I learned how to wax my own skis. Now I am thinking about tuning. Is it possible to do some basic tuning with some basic affordable hand tools? If so, any good youtube videos anyone recommends? I am trying to stay away from investing in a bunch of $$ tools. However if...
  4. L

    Stockli Ski Tune

    Hello All, I purchased a new pair of Stockli Laser AX at the end of the season. I’ve not skied them yet. I’ve read several threads here on new ski tuning, but I’m not clear on something: do Stockli skis need a new ski tune or is the factory tune good to go? Thanks!
  5. D

    Cra-cra bottom bevel situation

    I have a pair of skis I bought sight unseen and they have an unbelievable bottom bevel of 7, yes 7 degrees. Is there a fix to get them to 1?
  6. LiquidFeet

    Spring base structure

    Some people get a special base structure put on in the spring to battle sticky snow. I've never done this. I've been worried it would shorten the life of my skis, if not the base itself then the metal edges. That structure needs to be replaced again before the next season, doesn't it? This...
  7. Wilhelmson

    New Skis Concave

    Is it appropriate to request an exchange if I received new skis with concave (maybe 1 mm) bases? They are not mounted with bindings.
  8. ScottB

    How to measure Base Bevel Angle

    Ok, I said I would post a simple and inexpensive way to measure base bevel angles. I will discuss side bevel angles measurement too. There are several tools out there that do the job well, but are in the $300 dollar range, roughly. If you have a true bar, or straight edge, you can do it for...
  9. Dave Marshak

    EVO vs. Razor-tune

    I'm thinking about buying either a Swix EVO Pro Edger or a Razor-Tune. My friends all like the RT, but I want to compare it to an EVO before I buy. Does anyone have any experience with either machine? Which is easier to use? Which could do more damage? dm
  10. D

    Dominator Wax

    Just starting out on tuning and waxing and looking for some clarification regarding the dominator wax for my Renoun E98s. Only skied them 4 times and just had a machine wax job done before heading out so they are basically new. Already hit up tuning tools questions in the last thread, but want...
  11. EricG

    Edge angle Bonafides

    I’m going to get the bases ground as I have a few base high & edge high spots on both skis. It’s time to fix it. I was going to request a 1deg base, but torn between 2 or 3 deg edge. I’ve never touched these skis (new this year). I use a 1:3 on my Brahmas. This is for use in VT in varying...
  12. K

    New to tuning my edges & having a weird edge issue

    Hi folks! I've been reading these forums for a couple seasons & finally decided I need to make an account. I've recently started tuning my own edges & I've run into an issue someone here might be able to diagnose. It's somewhat hard to describe, but I'll give it a shot. I started with my older...
  13. A

    Where are Canadians buying their tuning tools

    Hi all Where are Canadians buying their tuning/waxing tools? I've been looking online, and the prices stores charge up here seems to me offensively expensive for what you get. Do these items ever typically come on sale? Matt
  14. Atomicman

    Broke Down & Ordered a Razor-Tune

    Well, I did it! Razor-Tune Full Race Kit coming. Swapped the 2 degree plate for a 4. Should be here Wednesday! Will report back! Part of my motivation was, I just can't bring myself to diamond stone off the amazing ceramic disc finish on my new Enforcer 100's! By the way, they skied...
  15. Tom K.

    Deburr After Diamond Stone Light Tune?

    Is a light deburring desired after a "light" maintenance tune, using only stones (no filing)? I don't want burrs, but I do like a sharp edge. Thanks!
  16. AZSkiBum

    Iron/Wax Question

    Hey Guys/Gals, I'm new to the self tuning / waxing but after reading a ton in this forum and watching a lot of youtube videos, I gave it a go at my first tuning session over the weekend. My question is that I bought a cheap Wintersteiger iron and it seems to take forever to melt wax on the...
  17. D

    IGOSKI - has anyone used these file guides?

    I'm needing to get a tuning kit and am working on a very limited budget. Looking online, there are the usual brands and retailers however, I have seen a few Chinese brands pop up online that are far cheaper than any of the US or Euro gear and I'm wondering if anyone has had any experience with...
  18. Beartown

    Dipping my toe in the tuning pool

    I have recently taken the plunge toward starting to do my own tuning at home, and am looking for some feedback on my routine. As background, I am a recreational skier getting about 30 days a year, all out West, in 5-7 day trips. I currently ski Blizzard Bonafides and Brahmas. Edges set at...
  19. Doug Briggs

    All in a service tech's night...

    Before: And after: I suppose I could have hand brushed these a bit more. :-o
  20. Pdub

    Is this enough edge?

    I just bought 3 year old GS trainer skis from a friend, for my U16 kids. He said "there's not much edge left." Looks like about 1-2 mm, and pretty rusty. Does such a thin edge affect performance or safety? I know it will limit the life of the ski, just wondering if it'll affect performance. And...