ski theft

  1. Core2

    Boulder, CO Man Charged With Theft of 74 Pairs of Skis From Ski Resorts

    I've always thought if I were to be a petty criminal the racks of free skis would be a good target. Have to wonder how many of these guys are roaming around the front range?
  2. jmeb

    $2.4mil theft of ski gear from Aspen

    So now I'm a bit curious about the providence of the half dozen pairs of high-end demos skis I've steered friends to on ebay from the same seller in Aspen....
  3. Started at 53

    Skis and Poles at lunch?

    Does anyone worry about their skis and poles when they are taking a break or having lunch? Please don’t go the “I use old poles so they are not likely to be stolen” argument as I am not going to use anything like that. I am planning on having nice Goodes Carbon poles for both of us. Does...