ski stoke for the upcoming season

  1. Emil

    Inspiring instagram or blogs

    Hi I need some additional stoke when the next trip is far away. Please share your favorite ski instagram or ski blog. I’m following my countryman Mattias Hargin (Powder, WC, fitness, travel and food)
  2. Carolinacub

    Southeast skiing

    So for those of us down here in the South, we have 2 openings today. Cataloochee and Sugar Mountain.
  3. SnowCountry

    Twas the night before the first ski day this season...

    Tonight is the night before my first ski day of the season. I'm nervous. Butterflies in my stomach. Rock skis or good skis? How will the crowds be tomorrow? Will I still enjoy skiing? Or will I get bored an hour in and try to find a different hobby? (Note to self: Doctor say to lose weight...
  4. Dave Marshak

    Woo hoo! Snow at my house this morning.

    It won't be long now. dm
  5. Tricia

    Poll Why do you go to ski movies?

    I've heard many reasons why skiers hit up ski movies every fall. Last night, we attended the Warren Miller Entertainment movie, Line of Descent. The movie was definitely the focal point of the evening, but one thing I notice every time I go to one of these ski stoke movies is that there are a...
  6. focker

    Midwest Minnesota 17-18 Season

    Hoping to see some familiar faces from the old site over here with this topic. How's everyone doing? So what's new this year? What's the news? What's changed? Where is everyone skiing?
  7. dbostedo

    Mid-Atlantic Mid-A Conditions, Resorts, Meetups, and Stoke 17/18

    Doesn't appear to be a thread like this yet.... So it got down to 34 degrees this week in DC, it's almost November, my skis are back from waxing and tuning, and I'm watching the World Cup race from Solden. Seems like winter is almost here! :yahoo: They're already skiing in Colorado, Oregon...
  8. nay

    Colorado 2017/18 Loveland Stoke and Trip Reports

    Loveland is totally underserved in stoke - here’s a thread for the season. And it opens on Friday with the best early season terrain in CO. Here’s today, very close (Chair 1 on the left): Here’s the announcement.
  9. Main Street

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Sun Peaks, 2017/18

    It has begun..... From our front door this morning......
  10. Michael R.

    17-18 Season - How many days so far?

    Today at Loveland Pass makes ONE. Not ideal conditions, as my tips were getting caught under the snow and I had to go in the backseat a little bit. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it :daffy: Coverage was surprisingly good all the way to US-6
  11. Ron

    SNOW STOKE - Warning, graphic image.

    Snow from last night with several inches more on the way.
  12. Dwight

    The race is on, first to open...

    Loveland has started making snow. Meanwhile, 90 degress this last weekend in the upper Midwest
  13. P

    California/Nevada 2017/2018 Southern California Thread - Big Bear, Mountain High, Baldy, Wrightwood, etc.

    It's never too early to start a ski thread! Since I am starting to think skiing ... I thought I'd get this going! Here's hoping we get tons of snow this year. Let the snow dancing begin!
  14. Dwight

    Midwest Time of year hills announce upgrades

    My local hill keeps improving and with the last winter, I know the money was tighter. Glad to see midwest ski hills still making improvements. Especially when at least 3 will not be opening this season.
  15. crgildart

    Another General Weather Forecast... but No Climate Data Debates... Thread

    This data source is looking good for our region and the Midwest! What's Joe Bastardi got so far?
  16. jimtransition

    International (Europe/Japan/Southern Hemisphere) Chile/Argentina 2017

    As there's a thread for Aus/NZ, I thought I would start the South America stoke here! There was a good snowfall in the central andes last week, and it's 5 weeks until Portillo opens, can't wait. Anyone else headed down there this season?
  17. Stev

    Patchskiing TRs - Spring, Summer, and Autumn Stoke - 2017

    There was mention in another thread to start up a separate patchskiing thread. @Philpug also mentioned writing an article on patchskiing. I hope to start on that soon. For now with it being May I may begin. Instead of posting a separate TR for every patchskiing day, I'm going to put them in one...
  18. Blue Streak

    Colorado 2016-17 Colorado Weather

    The first snow has fallen, and the weather watch has begun.