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  1. dbostedo

    Arizona/New Mexico The Taos Mini-Gathering 2020 Wasn't So "Mini"

    Kachina Peak in some wind and clouds during the Gathering Two season ago (2017-2018) there were rumblings of a Gathering at Taos, but the low snow year kept it from happening (well, I still went, and the Grumps were there, but no one else ogsmile). Last year, there was a better snow year, and...
  2. C

    Taos bootfitter for a complicated case?

    Ok, two complicated cases - sisters! My girlfriend and I, along with her sister and some other family members, are heading out for some Taos days in Feb. Whether she knows it or not she's getting boots fitted when we get there. I just can't take another day of going out to the ski hill with...
  3. OldJarhead

    Taos Military Appreciation Week Disabled Veteran Scholarship Application

    Thank you Cottam's Ski Shops and Bootdoctors for their generous support of our 7th annual Military Appreciation Ski Week! We're still accepting applications for our adaptive sports scholarships during ski week. Adaptive Sports Veterans will receive free lodging, free lessons, free rentals, and...
  4. bigskymck

    Suggestions for Taos-specific used skis?

    Howdy: I'm a longtime Colorado Epic skier who now has access to a free place to stay in Taos and a season pass. It's been fun this year exploring the chutes and trees of Taos. But it's clear my Colorado gear (several FIS skis SL and GS and a 190 cm 110 underfoot powder ski) are not ideal for...
  5. HDSkiing

    Taos Avalanche

    Dunno if anyone from this group is currently in Taos but just received an alert that there has been an Avalanche in or near Kachina Peak, not sure if it’s in or out of bounds but several people are reportedly caught up in it...
  6. Brock Tice

    How to get started in AT/Backcountry Skiing in New Mexico?

    I am an expert downhill skier (in top difficulty locals clinic at Taos Ski Valley, etc) and I know there are options in my area (Lake Fork Peak for example) for backcountry skiing. I also know there is at least one group here in northern New Mexico that does backcountry skiing classes. I am...
  7. CalG

    Arizona/New Mexico Taos off to a good start today?

    It looks good here
  8. dbostedo

    Taos Mini-Gathering - 2019

    @KingGrump @Pumba @mdf @Sandy_NYC Last season we almost got a group together to have a meet-up in Taos and do some ski-weeks. The low snow year kind of killed that though. So I thought we could give it a shot again this season... anyone and everyone would be welcome, and everyone would be...
  9. Tricia

    Taos added to the IKON Pass

    THE IKON PASS EXPANDS INTO THE LAND OF ENCHANTMENT WITH TAOS SKI VALLEY AS ITS LATEST PARTNER DENVER, CO, August 28, 2018 - The Ikon Pass announces that Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico will join the Ikon Pass community for winter 2018/2019, offering expanded access across the Rockies from...
  10. Suzski

    Conditions in Taos??!

    Does anyone know if things are as bad as they look on the webcams? Flying out on the 27th and I'm thinking of taking only my beater skis if cover is thin and/or rocky. thanx in advance!
  11. Jeff N

    Arizona/New Mexico Pajarito, Sipapu, Santa Fe

    Next week (March 17-20) @janeskis and I are taking "Nelly" for a Southern Road trip, hitting up Pajarito, Santa Fe, and Sipapu. We are thinking that we will Hit up Pajarito on the 17th, Santa Fe on the 18th, and Sipapu on the 19th and possibly 20th. Never skied any of these places- the only...
  12. Pete in Idaho

    where to go ?

    Have a mountain collective and a Powder Alliance pass. OIriginally thought I would take off through Mt. down to Colo. over to Utah etc. but won't drive that far for groomer runs and so so variable off piste. Really want to powder ski. Thinking now, down to Tahoe, Mammoth, Ariz and NM. Anyone...