ski instructor

  1. Carlos Medina

    Instructor in Salt Lake City Wanted.

    Greetings, We have found it nearly impossible to find an independent ski instructor in Salt Lake City. My wife and I will be visiting from 20 Dec - 2 Jan. We would like to find an instructor to give her at least 2 half day sessions, totaling 8 hours. I know that resorts have an almost absolute...
  2. surfsnowgirl

    Plans for 2019-2020 season

    I've been teaching at Bromley for 2 seasons now. Prior to this I was teaching at Butternut in Western Mass for a couple years. We have a friend who's a snowboard instructor at Magic, who has a condo there as well and he's really trying hard to get me to teach at Magic next season. I'm in...
  3. Mendieta

    Instructor recommendation in CO (ABasin, Key, Breck)

    Hi all @amlemus is looking for instruction in Colorado: I moved this discussion to its own thread so it can gain some traction. Any recommendations for good private instructors in one of those areas? Thanks!
  4. U

    Wat'cha doing

    Wondering what the instructors on here are planning for the upcoming season. Teach a little or a lot, any goals for your own skiing besides sucking less, where you gonna ski, at home or get out more, etc? This is my 30th year at my home resort and I have moved to part time to have more time to...
  5. Tricia

    Arizona/New Mexico Jean Bainbridge dies at 95

    Known, with her husband, as Santa Fe Living Treasures, Jean Bainbridge dies at 95. “She was entranced with Santa Fe — the art community, the intellectual community, the Southwest atmosphere that we all love, the lights, the sunsets, the skies,” Steve Bainbridge said of his mother. “There are...
  6. Julian

    Greetings From Verbier & Zermatt Switzerland

    Hi I run a ski school in Verbier and Zermatt in Switzerland called European Snowsport. One of my instructors put me on to this forum. Love to ski, if anyone has any questions about Switzerland happy to help.