ski instruction

  1. ThomasH

    Can they really do this to instructors?

    The last two places I worked required instructors to be present between certain hours but didn't pay them unless they were actually teaching a lesson. They only paid for actual lesson time, and then barely above min wage. So you could be ready to work from 10 to 4 but then only get paid 2 hours...
  2. U

    Inner Ski getting stuck in snowplow turns

    Hi - I just started learning skiing and currently learning how to do snowplow turns. I am finding that while I am able to put my weight on the outside ski, and I body is leaned on the side of the outside ski, I am still not able to perform the turn. My inner Ski is still pointed in the...
  3. LiquidFeet

    smearing turns in choppy snow ... or ... tipping and riding them around?

    Let's say we're talking about one or two day-old chopped up snow in a bowl. What's your go-to turn choice? What about the characteristics of the ski you're on that makes your choice work well for you? I started this thread because the following was said about the AR in the Stockli thread: "The...
  4. abcd

    How to Breakthrough from Rogan and skimag

    Recently found a couple of videos on preview videos to Rogan's course on how to get out of intermediate skiing. At $150 the price is pretty steep and previews are ok but didn't blow me away right out of the box. Did anyone buy it? Should I invest or I'm better of getting 1 year subscription to...
  5. Carlos Medina

    Instructor in Salt Lake City Wanted.

    Greetings, We have found it nearly impossible to find an independent ski instructor in Salt Lake City. My wife and I will be visiting from 20 Dec - 2 Jan. We would like to find an instructor to give her at least 2 half day sessions, totaling 8 hours. I know that resorts have an almost absolute...
  6. musicmatters

    Mahre Ski Camps - Deer Valley

    Had anyone ever done the Mahre Ski Camp at Deer Valley? The pricing seems pretty good compared to what lessons normally cost there. Wondering how good the instruction is and if it would benefit an Advanced-Intermediate
  7. U

    What everybody needs

    A question for experienced instructors. Is there one thing that you teach to almost all your students? Something that is very basic to effective skiing but for one reason or another is not displayed by the recreational skiers that come to us for lessons. A missing ingredient that causes skiers...
  8. LiquidFeet

    Instructors, do you prefer teaching adults or kids?

    Anybody have a preference? If yes, can you say more about that? How about no preference? We can talk about that too. This thread is meant to be about personal preferences and their varieties, not about finding universal truths identifying which ages make for "better" students. I'm thinking...
  9. James

    From never ever to black diamond skier in three days

    What do we think of this. Don't really see the process. 3 days from zero to "black diamond". After the first 15 sec or so, skip to 1:45 to avoid the Greyhound schill. @Ron , this was at Steamboat.
  10. K

    Best Lesson vs. Worst Lesson, are there common threads?

    I am curious to hear what people (skiers and instructors alike) have experienced in their best/favorite lessons and their worst/nightmare lessons. I know there must be some amazing stories out there if people are willing to share. Are there common threads for what makes really good lessons and...
  11. Marcus Carvey

    drills to improve edge releases

    In my annual check-up ski lesson, my instructor pointed out that I'm not always releasing my old downhill edge effectively at the end of my turns. We worked out some strategies for getting a better release, the one that really seems to work for me is visualizing rolling my downhill foot down the...
  12. Mendieta

    Affordable Ski Lessons: share your tips and experiences

    One of the reasons many people don't take lessons is cost. Sure, some people prefer not to, which is fine with me. But I am starting this thread in the hope of helping others, and perhaps some of you, whether you are instructors or not, share tips, experiences and suggestions to help folks take...
  13. mister moose

    What keeps you from taking ski lessons?

    In another thread I read this and it's something I've heard in various iterations over and over: "As for me, I've had one lesson in my life, when I was 12, and after 37 years from that first day I still keep telling myself one of these days I'll take another. I can get down most trails pretty...
  14. C

    Are group lessons effective for advanced skiers?

    I ask for opinions on this, because I have my doubts, based even on the theoretically superior format of instructor training programs. Sure, group lessons will get beginners sliding, and can address the needs that intermediate skiers commonly have, to give them the fundamental building blocks...
  15. R

    Beginners and surface lifts.

    I'd like some thoughts on taking beginners on T-bars and pomas. I think that it might be a great thing for them. It seems to them learn quicker, as it gets them used to the sliding sensation without the risk of going too fast and losing control. I ask because I instruct in the winter, and like...
  16. T

    How to correct Back Seat skiing?

    I am asking because it really is the [and my] elephant in the room that needs to be acknowledged and corrected. So I have revised [in brackets] a quote from @Doby Man to start what could be a very helpful discussion for me and possibly for others and for our students: Oh, and to change it...
  17. Erik Timmerman

    Inside foot pull back

    I wanted to put in my title that font where there is a line through the letters. Pull is slashed through and replaced with push. There has been so much talk about inside foot pull back in ski instruction. Heck, a guy could probably make a living off of it if he wanted to. I think that when we...
  18. C

    Ski School Videos by Elate Media

    Has anyone here checked out these instructional videos and can offer some thoughts on them?
  19. Philpug

    Poll: Feasibility of a Teaching Academy

    Possible return of a Teaching Academy Long standing member @epic is looking to spearhead a program that could bring back ESA, from the old Barking Bears days. It looks there is a way to possibly work to create private 2-Day Clinics with using high level coaches including current and/or...
  20. K

    3 day powder clinic at targhee

    anyone experience or familiar with the powder clinic at targhee?