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  1. mountainwest

    Hello from Wydaho

    Hi! New member from Idaho, right near the Wyoming border. I ski Grand Targhee (season pass), Teton Pass (backcountry), occasionally Jackson Hole, and Beartooth Pass/Beartooth Basin as much as I can in the spring/summer. I learned to ski as an adult and this will be my 7th season. Last season I...
  2. Tricia

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Soldier Mountain in Idaho up for sale $800,000.00

    Soldier Mountain, once owned by Bruce Willis, who donated the resort to a non profit, who later sold the Solder Mountain in 2015 for $149,000.00. In this Mt Express article, dated February 2019, the owners describe some of the infrastructure that will need to be upgraded for the resort to be...
  3. Codger

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Sun valley in February?

    is February historically a good month to ski sun valley? Are conditions usually winter like or spring? Is rain a serious consideration? Thanks for your help
  4. Mike Rogers

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Cheap, Deep, and Steep Resorts in Northwest USA

    So, I am thinking about a road-trip through Montana, Idaho, and Washington State.....but not necessarily limited to those states. Looking for Cheap, Deep, and Steep, so I will probably avoid the bigger resorts. Alpental, Baker, and Bridger look interesting. So does Apex in BC. What else...
  5. Pete in Idaho

    Pacific NW/AK/BC 2018/19 Inland PNW (Wa.- No.Idaho -No Mt.)

    I know it is only Sept. BUT does anyone have any information on Lookouts expansion, anything new at Silver (head they've done some Glade work) anyone know where on the Mt. Anything new at Schweitzer ? Anyone going to Gathering at Big Sky?
  6. pchewn

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Road Trip Feb/Mar (Baker, Red Mt, Whitewater, Schweitzer, Silver, Mission, Stevens)

    My high school buddy and I are planning a ski road trip around the PNW to areas we have not been to. Looking for suggested places to stay, places to eat, etc. For various reasons we are starting/ending at Bellingham Wa (his brother), and mid-trip visiting Bozeman (my brother-in-law). We are...
  7. Andy Mink

    Northern Rockies/Alberta New lifts at Schweitzer

    I haven't been there but there is a lift at my home mountain, Mt. Rose, that has a similar lift. It's old and slow but it's also the only lift that runs to the top on windy days when the 6 pack detachables are closed. What do the Schweitzer aficionados think? Is new always better? Here's the link.
  8. Bad Bob

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Southern Idaho Help please

    Looking very much like I am off to a work project in Twin Falls, Idaho for the coming winter. Never skied down that way other than Sun Valley and that won't be a regular diet. A quick Google search shows that Magic Mountain and Pomerelle Mountain. Does anybody out there have any experience with...
  9. David Chaus

    The Great White North Pugski Gathering 2019 thread

    ......over here. Previously, on Pugski:
  10. Codger


    “What are the JH GROOMER/ cruiser trails(blue double blue) trails like (length steepness crowd snow quality) like compared to those at SV?
  11. Codger

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Sun valley snowmaking vs vt snowmaking

    If I am skiing on baldy relying on snowmaking (eg no recent snow) would the experience be similar to skiing at a vermont area with snowmaking and no recent snow. Supposedly sun valley has state of the art equipment. Thanks for any useful info.
  12. Jnelly

    Help me pick. 2018 trip #2

    Conflicted. Need to be sold! Mid February: Does a guy go to Whitefish for a second year in a row or change it up and do a Spokane driving tour like Silver, Schweitzer, Lookout (or 49N). Seems like ID is getting awesome snow so far and I assume WF will catch up in the coming days. I wanna book...
  13. agreen

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Spokane area/Schweitzer

    My buddy and I do a trip to a different place each year. We try to find the more adventurous low-key non-resort type places and enjoy steeps and "hike-to" terrain. Due to ease of flights we have been mostly around SLC and Denver with one trip to Taos. This season we wanted to branch out a bit...
  14. Pete in Idaho

    Lookout Pass Opening tomorrow Nov 4th

    Inland PNW. Lookout Pass is opening Sat Nov 4th, Front chair #1 and beginner area chair 4. This will be the first opening in the Inland PNW. Doesn't say specifically but think will only be Sat and Sun. Let the season begin. Front area which is chair 1. But not this warm.
  15. Pete in Idaho

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Lookout Mt. Idaho & Montana

    After 7 yrs of planning, red tape, slow slow Forest Service the Lookout Mt. expansion plans have received final approval. Two new chairs on the Mt. behind to the south. One chair mile long and will give Lookout a whole new feel, expand the powder skiingd and a new lodge will go in where the...
  16. Bill Miles


    For a high Resolution (PDF) map, click here For an interactive Bald snd Dollar Mountain Maps, click here Bill Miles' Unofficial Guide to Skiing Sun Valley Introduction and History Sun Valley is located in South Central Idaho about 120 miles east of Boise. Nonstop flights by regional...