ski goggle recommendations

  1. David

    Best flat light lens

    Last year I purchased the Giro Vivid Infrared lens with a 58% VLT specificity for flat light but it didn't help. What lens have you found to work best in flat light? I had cataract surgery in 2018 and I have developed a thin cloudy film behind the new lens that they cannot repair without...
  2. Norther1

    Oakley Prizm?

    Well, the foam on the top of my old Oakley Crowbars with persimmon lens has started to tear, so I need to replace them. I can either get another pair of Crowbars with persimmon lens or I can "upgrade" to a Prizm lens. The question I had is what is the difference between the sapphire, jade and...
  3. SkiEssentials

    Sponsored Smith I/O 7 and ChromaPop Lens Review

    A couple weeks ago Smith dropped off a pair of I/O 7 Goggles with their new ChromaPop Sun Green Mirror and Storm Rose Flash lenses so we put them to the test during some early season days at Killington and Stowe! Click the image above for the full article.
  4. mike_m

    Discovered a fabulous low-light goggle lens

    Always used the Smith Blue Sensor Mirror lens for low light conditions. It was pretty consistently rated the best on the market for cloudy, snowy, flat-light situations. Smith is discontinuing this lens, however, and tried to replace it last year with the ChromaPop Storm (blue tint, 50% VLT)...