ski drills

  1. Fuller

    Which 3 drills best predict competency?

    Premise: You haven't free skied down the mountain with the client but you have viewed them doing 3 different drills at a high level (let's leave hucking a 50 ft cliff off the drill list). Which three drills would you want to see and how much of a predictor to their overall skiing ability...
  2. Mateospelayo

    How to increase your edge angle?

    It isn't too easy to find good quality and modern videos about carving tips/drills. I'm attaching this video because I find it interesting and helpful. Hope y'all like it!!!
  3. geepers

    What do you work on first day back for the season?

    This will be us this Sunday. Here's a few suggestions in vids below.... Some basic balance... More technical stuff... What do others work on that 1st day back?
  4. Josh Matta

    Drill Sequential Converging Hop Turns - making yourself more versatile and agile.

    This is one of the things that I am personally not happy with the the demos shown online. I dont want to get to in why I am not happy with them but here is my example. The purpose of this drill is two fold..... Skill wise it will teach you hip socket joint to separate letting the femur move...
  5. geepers

    Short turns drills and tips

    What are your favourite / most effective drills and tips for steered short turns on black runs (single diamond, not ultra-steep)? Hopefully something other than 200 spiess turns per day...
  6. 4

    Do you ever just Practice?

    Do you ever just spend days practicing your skiing or is it just adventure and challenge all day long? A little back ground to the question. This past weekend was the 1st of several what I will call "Ikon" weekends in New England. The wife and I went up to Sugarbush Resort in Northern...
  7. Marcus Carvey

    drills to improve edge releases

    In my annual check-up ski lesson, my instructor pointed out that I'm not always releasing my old downhill edge effectively at the end of my turns. We worked out some strategies for getting a better release, the one that really seems to work for me is visualizing rolling my downhill foot down the...
  8. Andy Mink

    My time off came early this season. :-(

    I was doing a simple drill (inside ski tip etching the surface in a turn while the tail is off the snow) on a run that is about half a green and BAM! Tip angered, I spun and went down. The binding released but not until I felt a POP in my left knee. Short story long, slight tear of the left MCL...
  9. Plai

    Ski Drills to start the day

    In another thread, I mentioned that there's a series of drills that I do on the first run of the day. Since that post, I've been asked what my drills were, and the question was answered... but.... I can't be the only one that has a favorite ski routine to warm up. So, what's your favorite...
  10. Marathoner

    Aim Adventure U - thoughts?

    Received an email from with a link to the Aim Adventure U online courses. Its pretty steep at $149 but would be worth it if it helped me to help my progress from an advanced to an expert level skier. Anybody try any of these in the past...
  11. Mendieta

    Drill Benefits of learning how to ski switch?

    Hi all I am starting to plan my season. For reference, I'm an intermediate skier with about 80 days of ski experience. I only get 6 to 8 hours of instruction a season, an hour at a time. I always work with the same (great) instructor. And of course I talk to him at the beginning of the season...
  12. alexz

    How to improve skiing?

    Thank you in advance for your advise.
  13. Wendy

    Help me correct A-Frame

    First thing: it’s probably NOT due to a boot alignment issue, as I’ve had that examined by several good professionals. I am willing to have someone else take another look if somebody can give me specific advice regarding that issue. Second thing: It drives me nuts. I can’t feel it, but I look...
  14. Erik Timmerman

    Internal cues for improper alignment

    OK, I asked about Visual Cues before. How about internal cues? What do you feel when you are out of alignment? I haven't had a chance to do any slow drills or get video yet, so as I've been working on dialing in my new boots I've relied on what I feel and worked from there. First cue, felt off...
  15. Josh Matta

    The outside ski to outside ski drill.

    There are many many variations of this and its now becoming a PSIA exam task. The PSIA is calling for the entire skis to be lifted of the snow. I have always and will always teach this with the tip down. The National Team Member I asked on youtube stated that.... "Holding the entire ski off...