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  1. graham418

    Blue Mountain, ON.

    Do any Ontarians want to meet up for a ski day at Blue? Weekday some time?
  2. O

    School me on Whistler weather

    Im looking at the forecast for Whistler and for certain days, it is forecasting 15 inches at the peak, 6 inches at mid-station and zero rain or snow fall at the base. Temperature at base is at 40 to 45F. Why is that?
  3. Jnelly

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Big White (sell me on it)

    Hello everyone. I am trying to zero in on a location for my first journey this year and thought I’d get the sentiments on Big White. All things I see are pretty positive, the only thing I would wonder is if its going to get monotonous. I know its a big place but it seems from the few...
  4. Jim Kenney

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Northern Rockies Road Trip: Part 1, Utah and Jackson

    This is a recap of a successful roadtrip I made through the Northern Rockies with my wife and son over the span of about three weeks in March 2018. I used the Mountain Collective Pass (MCP) and covered 2,000 mi while resort-hopping from Salt Lake City to Calgary. We skied at eight excellent ski...
  5. Mike Rogers

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Calgary Area 2018/19

    Just a thread to organize discussion about skiing in areas accessed through the Calgary airport. I don't think we need strict geographic boundaries, but obviously Banff/Lake Louise fit as does Fernie and Caslte. Revelstoke and Marmot probably fit, but Whistler probably does not. Post...
  6. G

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Revelstoke Christmas/New Years!

    I'm heading out to Revelstoke on Christmas Day (no family and sweet business class frequent flyer deals!) and staying through Jan 6th. Wondering if there are any locals to that area on here - as I'm solo it would be cool to meet up with someone for some backcountry just off the resort, or just...
  7. Black Dog

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Banff-Lake Louise

    Heading up to Banff-Lake Louise area in a few weeks. Anybody on the ground up there can give a report to actually how much snow is up there now? I know some more is predicted this week. Trying to figure out what skis to bring. Info is hard to come by of what is actually on the hill now. Should...
  8. N

    Pacific NW/AK/BC 2018-2019

    Time to start thinking about it official opening day for Whistler and Blackcomb is Nov 22 this year Whistler instead of Blackcomb runs to end of May. new this year Blackcomb - new 10 passenger gondola base to adjacent Peak to Peak mid station of same is fairly close to the old...
  9. mcpowell

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Whistler-Blackcomb areas to avoid on snowboards

    My daughter and I are planning a trip in 2019. I’ve been to Whistler a couple of times, but I’m a skier and haven’t really paid attention to where snowboarders are having trouble moving along. I’m trying to think of places to avoid where she could end up having to skate along on her snowboard...
  10. Mike Rogers

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Early Season Turns - Spray Valley, Alberta on October 6, 2018

    Winter seems to have come early to Alberta. After a week of white-knuckle commutes, I was bust some stress with some short powder laps this last Saturday. Apart from an open creek crossing, we were able to keep skis on from the highway to the top and back again. The snow in the alpine was...
  11. Tricia

    Press Release: Dave Brownlie Appointed as President of Revelstoke Mountain Resort

    Dave Brownlie Appointed as President of Revelstoke Mountain Resort Press release date: September 5, 2018 Dave brings 29 years of experience in the ski industry with Whistler Blackcomb and Intrawest. He began his career with Blackcomb Mountain in 1989, rising through the ranks to President and...
  12. L&AirC

    Any Recommendations in Quebec City and Montreal?

    My wife wants to go to Canada for a long weekend for her b'day. We're going to be in Quebec City (rue de la Couronne, Quebec, QC G1K7X4) and Montreal (Saint-Antoine Ouest, Montreal, Quebec H2Y 0A3), and I like to visit local ski shops when were traveling if possible, if only for a walkthrough...
  13. VinceF

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Best time to do Powder Highway

    Trying to come up with a Powder Highway trip. Considering early March. I tried doing a search for the best time but couldn't seem to find the answer. Is March a good bet or would another time be better Thanks in advance!
  14. Mike Rogers

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Alberta and Eastern BC 2018/19

    Looking ahead to next year. Some news! RCR Passes are on sale: Adult prices Fernie: 1060 Kicking Horse: 950 Kimberly: 790 Nakiska: 290 (wow!) RCR Rockies (all four): 1180 RCR Superpass: All four + Lake Louise WILL be offered this year. The price is not set though. I would expect it to be...
  15. David Chaus

    The Great White North Pugski Gathering 2019 thread

    ......over here. Previously, on Pugski:
  16. Jim Kenney

    Unofficial Guide: Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC

    Unofficial Guide: Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC By Jim Kenney April 9, 2018 This is an abbreviated unofficial guide to Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC and more of a placeholder, than a finished product. I hope others who frequent the mountain more often than I will contribute useful details...
  17. Roger

    Is it too early to be thinking of next season?

    I live in Florida...need I say more ;) but man oh man I know its only April 9th but I just know in a few months it will be August and I will be setting my plans for next winter. I didn't get to go this winter so I'm dying here (but I heard this season wasn't the best). I can't wait for next year...
  18. albertanskigirl

    The Western Canada Pugski Gathering Thread (April 15ish-21ish, 2018)

    As requested by @David Chaus - here is an offical thread for the Alberta spring gathering in mid-April. Here is the roll call - add yourself, dates and where you are staying if you're staying in the mountains: 1) @albertanskigirl + SO (Apr 15-18, Banff) 2) @David Chaus + 1 (Apr 14-18...
  19. albertanskigirl

    Poll Canadians: What pass are you getting?

    Hey there, Canadians! I'm torn about what passes to get next year - do you have any thoughts? What are you getting? Has this multitude of passes changed the way you do things? I ski mostly locally, but SO and I are thinking of doing a trip to Whistler as well next yer. Right now, I'm torn...
  20. ksampson3

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Must do runs at Sunshine/Louise

    So I'll be there for the next 4 days (2 days at each) with the fam and was looking for advice on must-do runs. We are all Level 5 skiers, but not looking to do any chutes or double blacks. Mostly bowls and glades. I know that's kind of vague, but hopefully it's enough to get a discussion going...