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  1. Roger

    Narrowed it down to 2 Jackson Hole or Whistler

    Ok so Jackson Hole or my family (Mother, sister and my brother) have never been to any resorts and want to go out West this season with me for the first time. My mother (73yrs young) she isn't able to ski at all and my brother and sister want to learn. Whistler would be at the...
  2. O

    School me on Whistler weather

    Im looking at the forecast for Whistler and for certain days, it is forecasting 15 inches at the peak, 6 inches at mid-station and zero rain or snow fall at the base. Temperature at base is at 40 to 45F. Why is that?
  3. Mike Rogers

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Cheap, Deep, and Steep Resorts in Northwest USA

    So, I am thinking about a road-trip through Montana, Idaho, and Washington State.....but not necessarily limited to those states. Looking for Cheap, Deep, and Steep, so I will probably avoid the bigger resorts. Alpental, Baker, and Bridger look interesting. So does Apex in BC. What else...
  4. pchewn

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Road Trip Feb/Mar (Baker, Red Mt, Whitewater, Schweitzer, Silver, Mission, Stevens)

    My high school buddy and I are planning a ski road trip around the PNW to areas we have not been to. Looking for suggested places to stay, places to eat, etc. For various reasons we are starting/ending at Bellingham Wa (his brother), and mid-trip visiting Bozeman (my brother-in-law). We are...
  5. mcpowell

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Whistler-Blackcomb areas to avoid on snowboards

    My daughter and I are planning a trip in 2019. I’ve been to Whistler a couple of times, but I’m a skier and haven’t really paid attention to where snowboarders are having trouble moving along. I’m trying to think of places to avoid where she could end up having to skate along on her snowboard...
  6. Jim Kenney

    Unofficial Guide: Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC

    Unofficial Guide: Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC By Jim Kenney April 9, 2018 This is an abbreviated unofficial guide to Revelstoke Mountain Resort, BC and more of a placeholder, than a finished product. I hope others who frequent the mountain more often than I will contribute useful details...
  7. kayco53

    Pic from a big snow day in Dec 2017

    Cleaning out the pics from this rapidly ending season.Here is a shot from when we had 118cm in two days. This area is normally shoveled out every day.
  8. mcpowell

    Utah Park City or Whistler?

    i have a conundrum... A buddy of mine is likely going to Park City, for a week, on business at the end of February. He has graciously offered for me to tag along if I like. My expenses would only be my airfare and some food. His business would pick up the car rental, hotel, etc. so obviously...
  9. S

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Mount Washington, BC Killing It..

    So this happened last night on Vancouver Island... :D 100cm of snow in 24 hours..
  10. Mike Rogers

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Alberta and Eastern BC discussion thread

    A thread to talk about skiing in the 17/18 season in the area around Calgary. It’s a good place to talk about potential vacations, conditions, and trip reports. I’m excited becasuse: Norquay opened today!!! (until Sunday), kicking off resort skiing in this part of the ski-world! They...
  11. A

    BC Heli or cat in december?

    Does anyone have any experience using any BC heli or cat operators in mid-late december and what typical expectations could be. i understand the daylight is significantly shorter, the odds of clear days are lower, but the price is significantly cheaper. Eagle pass is one operator in particular i...
  12. Tricia

    Big storm systems brewing in October

    This story from Snowbrains gives an interesting outlook on snow for Whistler. 5,000-Mile-Long Atmospheric River Stretching From China To B.C. Forecast To Drop 28-80″ of Snow on Whistler Next 7-Days Then there is the Open Snow report for Tahoe: Thursday night into Friday we will see a storm...
  13. Dwight

    PNW might get dumped on.

    Could be a good start to the season.
  14. DanoT


    SUN PEAKS: A Long Time Local's Unofficial Guide A Review by @DanoT Pros: Family paradise, dry snow, great grooming, fast cruising, lots of ski in/ski out, 2nd largest ski resort in Canada, never crowded. Cons: Less snow than some, steeps are short, not for powder hounds Located in the North...
  15. Tricia

    Pacific NW/AK/BC Valemount Glacier Destination Resort

    CBC is reporting that a new British Columbia resort is closer to reality now that the province has approved the Valemont Glacier Destination Resort The plans include the biggest vertical in North America and year round activities, with access to glaciers over 3000 meters in elevation. This...