ski boots

  1. jmeb

    A podcast series on boots worth listening to

    If you are interested in spending 3 1/2 hrs of your life listening to two people talk about ski boots, these are worth your time. Jonathan Ellsworth (the senior editor at Blister) has extended talks with Atomic Ski Boots manager Matt Manser. These two both know their stuff, but from very...
  2. EricG

    Atomic Waymaker

    I’ve been using the Atomic Waymaker the past 2 years. The boot fits well and the addition of the BD foam liner last fall provided a solid feel. But due to a recent knee injury the PT suggested I look into something 130+ flex. Seeing as the Waymaker isn’t made anymore I’m looking at other Atomic...
  3. N

    Women's boot for a man

    Me: quite a good skier but hot and cold. I ski on the Head ti Titan Super Speed (short) 170. It's a great ski for me but I would say it is at top end of my physical capacity. I am 65 and have had troubles with conditioning and fatigue. But I like to crank turns... been skiing forever. For a...
  4. V

    What is MONDO exactly

    The internet had served me nothing conclusive. Mondo sizing using a boot that is marked as 26.5 as an example. Does this mean the boots longest inside length is 26.5 centimeters from toe to heel without the liner? So with a liner, the boot could end up being less than 26.5 centimeters? Also how...
  5. E

    ski boots for a high instep skinny ankle/heel?

    Hey! I'm looking for suggestions on a pair of freestyle ski boots. I went to a boot fitter and he put me in a pair of Salomon Xmax 100's and did alot of custom work, but they kill my legs and shins on jumps. thanks for the recommendations!!
  6. T

    K2 MindBender Boots

    Anyone have any info?
  7. D

    Boots: All-Mountain vs Freeride

    Trying to decide on new boots! I've had the same basic boots for several years and am very excited for this big upgrade. I'm an advanced/expert skier and prefer to ski in un-groomed off-piste snow (e.g. back bowls at Vail), but rarely go full backcountry or touring. I live on the east coast so I...
  8. Philpug

    Press Release: Former Burton Exec Set to Shake Up the Alpine Ski Boot Business

    Former Burton Exec Set to Shake Up the Alpine Ski Boot Business Clark Gundlach is heading up the launch of the Dahu Swiss Ski Boot, the most revolutionary alpine ski boot to hit the market in decades. Eagle, Colo., December 18, 2018 - Designed in Switzerland, the Dahu boot is a...
  9. S

    Rossignol or Atomic

    Iam looking for ski boots, my candidates are: Atomic HAWX PRIME 100 or Rossignol ALLTRACK PRO 100 X This will be my first ski boots. I have been many time in store, both of them fit very well on my foots, I feel them comfortable. But I cannot decide. Can anyone have any advice which ones are...
  10. Tricia

    Rino Dal Bello visits California Ski Co

    This instagram post by California Ski Company @Winks @Greg Whitehouse
  11. J

    Regular Boot vs. Plug Boot Fit

    So I just purchased my first pair of plug boots from Dalbello and after trying them on they feel completely different than my race boots (98mm last) from the previous season. I don't really know how to describe the difference, but it feels like my foot has less feeling in the plug boot and not...
  12. Dwight

    Ski boot fitting and gear in Wisconsin

    There have been a few discussion/questions asked by people where to get boots fitted in Wisconsin. Yesterday I spent 3 hrs at Sheperd and Schaller Sporting goods in Wausau. It's there big dungeon sale but they also have whole store discounts right now too. I have 2 friends looking for boots...
  13. Philpug

    The Numbers Game: Bindings, Part 3

    The dust is settling in the sole wars, and it looks like GripWalk is becoming the standard for the comfort version of a DIN (ISO 5355) sole. The WTR originators, Amer Group, will still offer some WTR variations over the next season, but I believe that it will abandon that ship once the stock...
  14. C

    Are my boots too stiff?

    So last year I needed new boots. My old Dalbello Axons from 2012 were actually too big(insert dig about boots being too big here). I wanted to spend $600-$700 on a 90-100 flex range boot. I've been skiing on and off for the past 30 years(. I've only been skiing once per year the past few years...
  15. Philpug

    The POC Tarsus ski boot

    A design that never made it to market... From YankoDesigns Why do ski boots have to hurt? Shouldn’t skiers enjoy the same comfort as snowboarders do? The right design can make it easier to release pressure from the buckles when needed without having to undo the bottom of your pants. The POC...
  16. BillyGoat

    Recommentdation for NY/NJ bootfitter

    2 questions actually... 1. Do people really recommend a boot fitting for a teenager who's feet may still be growing?? He skis about 25 days a season .... really big expense for what could be one season. 2. I had a great experience at Heino's in Northern NJ, really terrific .... but they...
  17. ScotsSkier

    Zay products boots

    Had never heard of them before but saw Fuxy using them at the FIS masters this weekend. Anyone any experience of them?? ZAY PRODUCTS PHOTO
  18. Philpug

    Holes in product lines, "If only...."

    In trying to help @Mendieta pick out skis for his son and thinking "If only Volkl offered the Yumi in a men's model..." What ski, boot, binding you feel are missing from a line? I am not askiing abotu fabricating something that does not exist but where a manufacturer has a hole and it could be...
  19. Philpug

    The Numbers Game: Boots, Part 2

    Oh boy, these are some of the most “missed” numbers: mis-understood, mis-represented, and mis-referenced. We see flex ranges from 50 to 150 for adult boots. Why and how are these numbers set? You might as well try to figure out airline pricing models or the calculation of your credit score. I...
  20. Philpug

    The Numbers Game: Boots, Part 1

    Let's think about the purpose of the ski boot. Besides keeping the foot warm and dry, what is it designed to do? To transmit your energy to the ski. So what is the best way to accomplish this? With a snug, uniform fit that allows the foot and boot to work as one, ideally with little or no...