ski boot review

  1. Drahtguy Kevin

    Individual Review Long-Term Review: Fischer Podium GT 130

    I switched ski boots in the middle of the season this year. For the past 250+ days, I have been in the Head Raptor 140 RS with Zipfit liners. @Philpug arranged for Fischer to send me a boot for a long-term review, and the Podium GT 130 arrived at my house in mid-February. Immediately upon...
  2. Doug Briggs

    Individual Review Long-Term Review: Roxa R3 130 T.I. I.R.

    The ROXA R3 is what I call a crossover boot; it has alpine boot performance with walk mode and GripWalk soles yet lightweight and pin-binding capable. It offers strong alpine descents and easy touring. This boot that delivers that. I have not demoed ski boots for review nor have I skied a...
  3. Philpug

    Individual Review 2019 K2 Recon 130LV

    Recon 130 LV with matching @KULKEA Heated Boot Trekker Boots are not new to K2, which introduced a short run back in the 1970s and then moved away from them. Around 2012, K2 re-entered the market with a four-buckle boot. The all-new collections did well, with a good stance and an Intuition...
  4. Ron

    Lange RX 130 LV

    so after 5 seasons on Lange XT 130’s it was time for a new pair of boots. I decided to go with the new dual core RX’s this time for a bit more performance and the new design. I put my BD liners in these and will ski on the boot untouched to see what I feel needs to be tweaked. So far my...
  5. Philpug

    Long-Term Review: Head Raptor 140 RS

    Boot reviews: how can they really help someone else who, chances are, has a completely different foot than the person doing the test? What can be learned from one person's experience in a boot, and how can that be used for someone else? Very good questions. I guess what I will do here is create...