ski boot customization

  1. R

    Help! Cuff Alignment

    I just realized Spro 120 doesn't have any cuff alignment setting like other boots. Is it because its Custom Shell HD or it's entirely not possible to make it work unless you have completely straight legs? At the moment it causes knee pain while bending. Thanks for the help.
  2. E

    Favorite Boot Fitters in Tahoe?

    Did I miss the thread I'm looking for? Trying to know where to go for a good boot fitting experience in Tahoe (personally looking to buy boot, liner, footbed if needed and have them all fit). Right now, I was considering Buck/Olympic Bootworks, Granite Chief, Bud Heishman/Snowind, Start...
  3. E

    When best to fit new boots

    Hello, for my first post I wanted to thank @Philpug for being brave enough to (re)make this community (as someone who appreciated his and everyone's valuable advice from epicski) I am in some very old boots (& stock liners) that served me well but have probably held back my ability because how...
  4. Ross Biff

    Dalbello Myfit liners.

    Hey posters. I'm looking to get some feed back on the Dalbello Myfit moldable liners as standard in the DRS 130. Has anyone used these liners? How much shape change can I expect? Does the tongue mold significantly? Just looking for any info before I get them cooked. Thanks.
  5. Drahtguy Kevin

    Individual Review Long-Term Review: Fischer Podium GT 130

    I switched ski boots in the middle of the season this year. For the past 250+ days, I have been in the Head Raptor 140 RS with Zipfit liners. @Philpug arranged for Fischer to send me a boot for a long-term review, and the Podium GT 130 arrived at my house in mid-February. Immediately upon...
  6. FatPowMongal49

    Big Foot Issues

    I have been skiing since I was 3 and I have been renting pretty much the entirety of that Time. I am 25 now. I am piecing together my set up, and got the Armada ARV 106s, attack 13 bindings, and then one of my friends actually just gave me a brand new pair of 28.5 head evo vector 120s. I have...
  7. trouts2

    Looking for recommendations for getting an alignment done.

    I’m looking for a trustworthy, capable boot fitter for boots I have. The comfort part is ok. I’m looking for alignment. I purchased new boots the last part of 2019 season and skied in them about 9 times. They transformed my skiing in a few big ways compared to my old boots. I ski...
  8. no edge

    Women's boot for a man

    Me: quite a good skier but hot and cold. I ski on the Head ti Titan Super Speed (short) 170. It's a great ski for me but I would say it is at top end of my physical capacity. I am 65 and have had troubles with conditioning and fatigue. But I like to crank turns... been skiing forever. For a...
  9. asnowmobiler

    Alignment issues.

    I’ve been to three different boot fitters over the last three years and none of them say I have an alignment issue, but I’ve never seen them actually check it. I can’t ever seem to be able ski in a straight line I have to always keep turning no matter which pair of skis I’m on, can’t seem to...
  10. L&AirC

    You Drive Three Hours to See a Bootfitter!?!

    That’s the comment back to me when I said how long the drive I was going to be making in a few days. Right after saying it, the person made a face like I was trying to pound in a nail with a laptop. The face that lets you know they fully believe you lack the mental capacity to be unsupervised...
  11. H

    Please explain what happens when boot shells are punched or heat molded

    To clarify my question, what happens to the boot volume when the lower shell is deformed by punching or heat molding? If the volume stays the same and punching out the forefoot width will end up reducing the height in that same area, then the new set of Rossignol Allspeed Pro boots, with 100 mm...
  12. TSQURD

    Haglund’s Deformity

    The question: What’s the best option for dealing with Haglund’s Deformity? Punch, grind, just deal with it or is there another option? The back story: Have had bony protrusions on the back of my heels for as long as I can remember, sticking out approximately 6 or 7mm and about 25mm in...
  13. mxracer317

    Boot flex and too tight?

    Started skiing when I was 2 years old and made the grievous sin of switching to snowboarding when I was 14. That was 25 years ago, and I finally realized the errors of my ways. LOL I was able to get back on the blue's no problem and have been doing a few black diamond's. It's like riding a...
  14. Analisa

    I still haven't experienced a magical bootfitting

    I just got my first pair of inbound boots after 3 years of monogamy with my Dynafit Mercuries - a pair of Tecnica Mach1 LV Pros. Hot damn! I feel like I bought being a better skier! They're snug in all the right places yet insanely comfortable (especially after adding some ankle padding to one...
  15. Noodler

    Boot canting options

    Looking for thoughts/opinions on the available boot canting options. I think this is a complete list: Plane the boot sole (on a jointer or belt), plate it, then route the lugs Use thin canting strips between the plates and boot sole, then route the lugs Use canted plates, then route the lugs...
  16. Noodler

    Modifications to reduce shell forward lean

    What options are available to modify 2-piece overlap shells in order to reduce forward lean? Please provide suggestions for shell modifications only as I'm not considering any liner mods or replacement of the existing shells. TIA
  17. M

    Foot flare/leg length/heel shim/cant

    Hello, I am a Mammoth ski patroller of 11 years and have been struggling with finding a fix for my imbalance. Resources are limited in this area and it’s been hard to get solid answers... Problem: my right leg reached a point of feeling almost useless while skiing. It was hard to impossible to...
  18. asolo

    Should I go with a narrow boot and stretch ("punch")?

    I am looking for a boot with Dynafit inserts, which limits my choices quite a bit. At this point I pretty much have narrowed it down to the Tecnica Cochise 120. The fit, however, is definitely too narrow in the forefoot of my right foot. The left foot is... bearable. I do like a snugger fit...
  19. S

    Bootfitter in Summit County Colorado?

    I’m in need of new boots. My current pair worked well enough, albeit not quite perfect. But the liner is beyond packed out. I can almost feel the shape of the outer shell. (I got it in Killington. Then a critical readjustment was done in Snowmass. Unfortunately, when I went to Aspen again, it...
  20. Andy Mink

    Build a boot

    After trying on a bunch of boots this year and with some experience in others, I found features in most that I liked even if the boot wasn't quite right. My boot, or at least parts of it: Head Raptor strap. It's burley with the double pass through. Tecnica Cochise buckles. I like the way they...