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  1. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2020 Liberty V92 vs 2020 Salomon QST 92

    Yes, Liberty is the overnight success that started well over a decade ago but really caught our attention last season with the oh-sooo-good V-Series collection, with its Vertical Metal Technology construction and unique low-rise tip with a good amount of flare (… and more than just 15 pieces of...
  2. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2020 Fischer RC One GT 86 Multiflex vs 2020 Salomon S/Force Bold

    Here is the Cage Match I have had more than a few requests for, the Fischer RC One GT Multiflex and the Salomon S/Force Bold, two new skis that have been the topics of many preseason discussions. Honestly, I think it is a Cage Match that is going to disappoint many here in that these skis are...
  3. Ron

    Comparison Review Ron’s 2020 Reviews 89mm and Narrower: The Way I Ski It

    Augment All Mountain 88 Dimensions: 126.5-88-112.5 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 163, 171, 179, 187 Size tested: 179 Design: All New Move over, Stöckli -- yep, I said it! The brand formerly known as Croc is now Augment, but its skis are still made in Austria. This a skier's' ski: superb, exacting...
  4. Ron

    Individual Review Ron's 2020 Reviews 90mm and Wider: The Way I Ski It

    Fischer Ranger 94 FR Dimensions: 126-92-117 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 161, 169, 177, 185 Size tested: 177 Design: All New The Ranger 94 FR was a real surprise for me. I really liked it on the firm groomed snow. It does a lot of things well. It is solid, energetic, and fun, as well as fairly damp...
  5. Philpug

    Comparison Review Philpug's 2020 Reviews, 90-99mm Skis

    Here is the first of many segments of 2020 ski reviews. Dynastar Menace 98 Dimensions: 132-98-120 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 169, 175, 181, 187 Size tested: 181 Design: Mostly New The Menace 98 is in that playful, youth-oriented 98 range at a price point hundreds less than many other options...
  6. Philpug

    Individual Review Long-Term Review: 2020 Salomon S/Force Bold

    Salomon S/Force Bold X12 LT Dimensions: 132-84-116 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 170, 177, 184 Size tested: 177 Design: All New After spending a good amount of this season on Salomon's ripper S/Max Rush, I expected great things from the S/Force Bold; what I found out was not what I expected. The...
  7. Philpug

    Individual Review Long-Term Review: 2019 Salomon S/Max Blast

    Salomon knows how to make hard-snow skis; we just wish it would offer them on a more consistent basis. Since wishing is not a good business plan, we are going to light a fire under the consumer's ass and create some awareness of the all-new S/Max collection from Salomon, specifically its halo...
  8. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2019 Dynastar Speed Zone 12 vs 2019 Salomon S/Max 12

    One thing we can say here at is that we do love them there hard-snow skinny-type skis. This comparison comes from the people who give us toast, fries, and kisses -- yes, we are talking about the French. Dynastar quietly introduced the Speed Zone 12 a few seasons back, and it is a ski...
  9. Mendieta

    Salomon gets $5.5 Billion Bid by Anta Sports

    According to Bloomberg News, Salomon gets $5.5 Billion Bid. From the article: Perhaps it is not all that surprising!
  10. BMC

    Head Monster 83 or Salomon X Drive 80 ti?

    I am an advanced level Australian recreational skier. If finances line up I may be looking to do some ski instructing over either the coming season, or the one after (initially full time over school holidays and probably casual thereafter). I'm looking to buy a ski devoted to "front side...
  11. Philpug

    2018 Overall Brand Ranking

    From the FIS website.
  12. Pugski Test Team

    2019 Salomon

    Salomon S/Max 12 Dimensions: 121-70-106 Radius: [email protected] Sizes: 160, 165, 170, 175, 180 Size tested: 175 Design: All New Ron: For 2019, we are seeing an influx of hard-snow carvers. Salomon has revised its X-Max line, and the new S/Max ski is a welcome addition. At 72 underfoot, this ski likes...
  13. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2018 Dynastar Legend X96 vs Salomon QST 99

    Vive la France. The French have never subscribed to the “me too" school of ski design, or really anything else in the industry. They also have never been afraid to take chances: external dampening with Prolink, monocoque constructions, Omega cores, asymmetrical ID shapes, different sidewall...
  14. Tricia

    Comparison Review Tricia's 2018 Thumbnail Reviews: 74+mm Skis

    Now that you've read about my thoughts on skinny skis in the Sub-73mm reviews, it's time to give the wider skis some attention. Armada Trace 98 Dimensions: 130-98-121 Radius: [email protected] Size tested: 172 Design: All New This new lineup from Armada, which features its crystal mesh, is one of...
  15. Philpug

    Cage Match Comparison 2017 Atomic Vantage 100 CTi vs 2017 Salomon QST 99

    Yes, Salomon and Atomic are both under the Amer Group umbrella, which means there are a lot of people who don’t care which of these skis you buy as long as you buy one of them. Since I am moonlighting at a shop, I get to go to manufacturer clinics, and we just had our Atomic and Salomon...
  16. Philpug

    Rank the Race Skis in Order...

    ..of Finesse to Power. We know all race skis are not created equal and all have their own feel which is somewhat subjective. Categories: Slalom Giant Slalom Brands: Atomic (2) Blizzard (1) Rossignol (3) Fischer Head Nordica (1) Stockli Volkl TBD: Bomber Croc (1) Blizzard & Nordica are the...
  17. Philpug

    2017 Salomon Site Is Up

    I will say, it is not the most intuative site to navigate
  18. SkiEssentials

    Individual Review 2017 Salomon QST 99 Review

    We just put together a review of the new 2017 Salomon QST 99. I had a ton of fun skiing these. Really playful, smears turns really well. It's one of those skis that does everything well and doesn't really have any significant downsides. Definitely more on the playful side. Click the image...
  19. Philpug

    All Things Salomon

    All Things Salomon Salomon Ski Bindings, Ski Boots, and Skis We have our Look Pivot thread, we have a Spademan thread so lets start a Salomon thread. Years ago I started a thread on Epic, and if I recall, it was my 727th post, "The most important binding of all time, the S727". Yes, the Pivot...