red lodge ski area

  1. Analisa

    Best dirtbag ski areas

    Seeking a few recommendations to add to my travel list. Appreciates: laid-back, low-key spots. RV lots. Anything remotely similar to Baker or Whitewater. Beer served by the pitcher. Uncertainty whether the resort owns grooming equipment. A noticeable absence of GoPros on blue runs. Touchy cell...
  2. Eddie S

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Red Lodge anyone?

    Has anybody here skied Red Lodge Mountain in Montana? I know it is not a "destination" mountain, but rather more of a place for locals. I'm not planning a dedicated trip there, but that area is one of a handful on my retirement radar. Having ski slopes nearby is just gravy on top of the other...
  3. Fuller

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Red Lodge Montana ?

    We have a couple of free days at Red Lodge with our Whitefish season passes and our schedule and route can be arranged to get there at the end of a driving day (this would be Jan 20th). We will be coming from Silverthorn CO straight up through Wyoming, at least that's what Google Maps is...