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  1. Dave Petersen

    Pugski.com Holiday Gift Guide

    Click here for gift ideas for the skiers on your list! https://mailchi.mp/pugski.com/holiday-gift-guide-newsletter-4002505 Pugski.com Swag Store Grand Opening https://www.pugski.com/threads/pugski-com-swag-store-grand-opening.17421/
  2. Tricia

    Pugski.com Swag Store Grand Opening

    Every year, right about the time of our site anniversary, we have a donation drive and offer different swag packages for different levels of donation. As we grew, so did the selection of items, and it became clear that we needed to change how we did things, thus, the Pugski.com Store. Go to...
  3. Philpug

    2019 Donation Drive. No donation is too small...

    ...no donation is too large. ;) I know many of you are coming up for donation renewals...and thank you for starting to send money...good lord, you know we need it. If you want to send support us with no need of swag, keep the money coming, send early and send often. But we do have some cool new...
  4. Philpug

    For Sale Pugski Ladies Quarter Zip, Large --$20.00

    We are cleaning out leftover swag and have a few new random items. Sizes: X-Small Small Large Pugski: Stickers Lanyard More Buyer Info: PM for Paypal Info. Shipping Inc. CONUS ONLY. Any Proceeds get reinvested in site
  5. Philpug

    2018-19 Donation Drive

    Tricia, the staff, and I try to be creative with new offerings for our donation drives. This year we have added Govino glasses, Gogglesocs, and a new cap to the already well-received ski straps. If you haven't used a Govino glass yet, you are in for a treat. These premium shatterproof and...