pugski gathering photos

  1. Tricia

    Northern Rockies/Alberta Big Sky Gathering Trip Report

    As many Gathering trip reports start, this one starts a few days before the official Gathering as we (@Philpug @Andy Mink @AKMINK and I) travel north and spend some time at Jackson Hole. We bumped into the Grumps almost immediately upon arrival, which was a nice treat. Hopefully @KingGrump can...
  2. Jim Kenney

    2018 Favorite Pugskier Pics

    I am going to try to dig through my Seagate drive for some of my better photos of PugSkiers from the 2018 season. If anyone else wants to post some of theirs, feel free to do so. JohnL, Timberline, WV February, Laurel Mtn, PA, L-R: son of Laurel Hill Crazie, son of Marcus, Marcus, JimK, Mrs...