powder mountain ski area

  1. Analisa

    Best dirtbag ski areas

    Seeking a few recommendations to add to my travel list. Appreciates: laid-back, low-key spots. RV lots. Anything remotely similar to Baker or Whitewater. Beer served by the pitcher. Uncertainty whether the resort owns grooming equipment. A noticeable absence of GoPros on blue runs. Touchy cell...
  2. speedster

    Utah Tips for first-timers in Utah/SLC?

    We're visiting SLC for the week heading into the MLK weekend. Any tips for us first-timers out there? Best ski areas to ski in, best rental shops for good/cheap demos, what skis to bring -- wide, easy flexing skis because there will be lots of soft snow on-piste in Jan or regular carving skis...
  3. T

    Respectfully request guidance on selecting the right powder skis

    Respectfully request guidance on selecting the right powder skis. I'm a 185 pound 5'9" mid level skier that usually skis about 10 days a year in the east and 10 days a year in the west. I'm hoping to bump up the days I ski out west in the coming years. I am currently able to wait for what looks...
  4. Fishbowl

    Road Trip Help Requested

    So, The wife and I have a road trip planned starting next Saturday, January 20th. We are leaving from Flagstaff AZ on the Saturday morning, and can go any where we wish, as long as we are in Sandy Utah on the evening of Wednesday the 24th for a ski gathering with friends. That means we have...
  5. Slim

    Utah When to go Brighton, Solitude, Powder Mtn?

    Hi, Thanks to a Max pass and a Copper Season pass, I can get 5 days at Brighton, 5 at Solitude and 3 at Powder Mtn this year.I also get 5 days at Mt Bachelor.I have never skied at any of these areas. I am trying to figure out if I would be better off going to SLC the first week of April during...