powder days

  1. H

    Powder days are overrated

    Granted, this is probably because I'm an intermediate level skier but I've been able to ski a couple of powder days now this season in the PNW and they were the least fun ski days of the year. Probably just skied the last time of the season yesterday at Mission Ridge, where they have over a...
  2. focker

    Vantage 97 Ti for a big guy

    Hey I'm looking for a 95-99mm wide ski to add to my quiver for midwest powder days and trips out west. I love all things Atomic but don't hear a lot about their non-racing skis on this site. I found 2019 Vantage 97 Ti's on Evo.com for $299 (!) which seems like an insanely good deal for a new...
  3. Andy Mink

    Heresy: Are powder days worth the hassle?

    I'm just curious as to how others perceive a full on powder day. At my home mountains I don't feel the urge to stand in line for two hours waiting for the lift to spin to get a chance at maybe one or two open powder shots. That's if there isn't a crash on the road to the hill. I'll either go...
  4. dbostedo

    When is powder TOO deep?

    Just read an article on Powder (http://www.powder.com/stories/features/scenes-biggest-winter-generation/), and it contained this anecdote about Mammoth last year: After 104 inches in five days, the upper mountain opened on January 24 under blue skies.... I got in the gondy line early and... was...
  5. K


    A Guide to Skiing Snowbasin by Kyle Jones Driving up the access road gives a good view of what awaits. A series of four sharp peeks cradling four or (arguably) five different drainages with large open bowls, muscular ridges and large stands of fir, aspen and scrub oak. The mountain is both tall...