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  1. Tricia

    Vail Resorts Open Note to Passholders

    Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen the world take numerous measures in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19. For Vail Resorts, that has meant closing all 34 of our North American resorts. That difficult decision was necessary in order to prioritize the health and wellbeing of our...
  2. Jim Kenney

    SLC skier meet-up 2020

    Stealing this thread idea from @Ron at Steamboat and plagiarizing him too:thumb: The idea is to offer a thread to facilitate meet-ups for anyone planning on skiing resorts near Salt Lake City this season? I'll be skiing at Snowbird and Park City quite a bit over the next few months and could...
  3. M

    Utah Cottonwoods vs Park City / Deer Valley competition / rivalry?

    Hello I have been doing a bit of reading about skiing in Utah (I'm from out of state). I seem to notice indirect comments or references about / against the Cottonwoods and Park City / Dear Valley. There seems to be some type of rivalry or stereotype or competition or love / hate feelings...
  4. Lofcaudio

    2020 SKI Magazine's Top 50 Resorts in NA

    I just got my SKI magazine in the mail yesterday where they rank the overall Top 30 resorts in the West and Top 20 in the East, with some random subcategory rankings sprinkled in for good measure. As always, there are some head-scratchers. Overall Top 10 in West: 1) Aspen/Snowmass 2) Sun...
  5. Philpug

    2018-19 Pugski Epic Resort Tour

    The 2018-2019 season was a whirlwind -- dare we say “Epic” -- tour for Team Pugski. Tricia and I were all over the western United States at almost 25 resorts, including more than a half-dozen Epic resorts. Even though these areas are under the Vail umbrella in one way or another, each has its...
  6. M

    Anti Vail Sentiment

    I'm a new skier. I have been to Heavenly, Squaw, Sierra at Tahoe, Park City, Beaver Creek and Northstar. As such, I don't have a lot of first hand observations on what makes a ski area better than other. I'm curious why there is a lot of anti Vail sentiment on this forum. I think their pass...
  7. TonyPlush

    Girlfriend Skiing Considerations

    Here's a generic resort suggestion thread that may be more of a fun mental exercise than anything. Me and a buddy are throwing around the idea of a late February to March ski trip. The big catch? It's a couples ski trip. Ability levels are as follows: Me: Enjoy anything blue or black...
  8. speedster

    Utah Tips for first-timers in Utah/SLC?

    We're visiting SLC for the week heading into the MLK weekend. Any tips for us first-timers out there? Best ski areas to ski in, best rental shops for good/cheap demos, what skis to bring -- wide, easy flexing skis because there will be lots of soft snow on-piste in Jan or regular carving skis...
  9. Tricia

    Free: Epic SchoolKids - Enroll by October 7th

    It looks like Vail Resorts has a Free 5 pack for school kids between Kindergarten and 5th Grade in Utah and Whilstler Blackhomb EPIC SCHOOLKIDS UTAH PACK The Epic SchoolKids Utah Pack is a FREE program for Utah Kindergarten through 5th graders that provides five days of skiing and riding at...
  10. Slim

    Utah SLC area vs Copper-Aspen in February?

    I asked this in the Aspen thread too, but I want to get the opinion of you Utah fans too ;-) Would your pick be Copper/Aspen-Snowmass or Salt Lake City area for Presidents’ Day week? Why one over the other? Ikon Base pass. Skiing Friday 2/15 - Saturday 2/23.
  11. Wasatchman

    Park City Record article about IKON pass

    Link to article is below: Thoughts/comments as it is another perspective on a recent thread on a Bloomberg article related to Vail/Whistler? As I have mentioned in other posts, I am concerned...
  12. quant

    Interesting Bloomberg article about Whistler and Vail Resorts
  13. mcpowell

    Utah Park City or Whistler?

    i have a conundrum... A buddy of mine is likely going to Park City, for a week, on business at the end of February. He has graciously offered for me to tag along if I like. My expenses would only be my airfare and some food. His business would pick up the car rental, hotel, etc. so obviously...
  14. ATLSkier

    Utah Park City in March

    A friend is thinking of doing a bachelorette party in Park City/Deer Valley in March. She is wondering what snow conditions are generally like there that time of year. (I know they don't have a lot of snow now, but what would it be like in a normal year in terms of snow and termperature?) Thanks.
  15. Slim

    Utah Big Cottonwood Canyon conditions?

    There’s a nice thread on the LCC conditions, but someone must be skiing BCC too right? Care to share the conditions? Any pics? Thanks! Tjaard PS, If conditions are bad, it might be time for a lesson, any instructor recommendations at Solitude, Brighton, or Deer Valley?
  16. Jim Kenney

    Hitchhiker's Guide to the Vail Galaxy of Resorts: Part 1 of 3

    I’ve had the opportunity to visit a bunch of Vail Resorts in North America over the last four years and explore the full gamut of great experiences they offer. However, I’m going to set the tone of this discussion by using the words "Vail" and "frugal" in the same sentence. The Vail galaxy of...
  17. S

    Should I be worried?! SLC trip...

    So, I have a trip planned to SLC Jan 6-13 and one to Banff the last week of Feb/first couple days of March. Originally I was undecided as to where to go first but the general consensus was SLC earlier..... Looking at on the snow, Sunshine is almost 100% open, meanwhile Snowbird only has 10/169...
  18. G

    Good resort with easy blues?

    Hello, My wife and I have been skiing for a while, and normally go to PCMR every year. But I was looking to go somewhere different just for some variety. Nothing wrong with PCMR, but 7 years in a row, it's time to try somewhere else at least once. My wife doesn't like steep runs, so nice...
  19. Jimski

    Utah Where to eat in Park City?

    My son and I will be doing a quick ski trip (only three ski days :( ) to Park City the first week of January. I realize there are dozens of places to eat dinner there. I'd be grateful for any recommendations. Neither of us is a big drinker (one per night usually), although we like pub...